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How many colours do you think there are at Butchart Gardens you will see colours that you have never seen before

colours do you think there are?  At Butchart Gardens you will see colours that you have never seen before

By 1908, reflecting their world travels, the Butcharts had created a Japanese Garden on the sea-side of their home.

Later an Italian Garden was created on the site of their former tennis court, and a fine Rose Garden replaced a large kitchen vegetable patch in 1929.

Mr. Butchart took much pride in his wife’s remarkable work.

A great hobbyist, he collected ornamental birds from all over the world.

He kept ducks in the Star Pond, noisy peacocks on the front lawn, and a curmudgeon of a parrot in the main house.

He enjoyed training pigeons at the site of the present Begonia Bower, and had many elaborate bird houses stationed throughout Jennie’s beautiful gardens.

The renown of Mrs. Butchart’s gardening quickly spread.

By the 1920s more than fifty thousand people came each year to see her creation.

In a gesture toward all their visitors, the hospitable Butcharts christened their estate “Benvenuto”, the Italian word for “Welcome”.

To extend the welcome, flowering cherry trees along Benvenuto Avenue leading to The Gardens were purchased from Yokohama Nursery in Japan and installed from West Saanich Road to The Butchart Gardens’ entrance.

Their house grew into a comfortable, luxurious showplace, with a bowling alley, indoor salt-water swimming pool, panelled billiard room and a wonder of its age, a self-playing Aeolian pipe organ (still played on Firework Saturdays ).

Today the residence contains the Dining Room Restaurant, offices, and rooms still used for family entertaining.

From January 15 to March 15, a special re-creation of the family house is showcased.

The family tradition of acquiring objects when travelling has continued.

The Fountain of the Three Sturgeons and the bronze casting of the wild boar are both from Florence, Italy.

Both were purchased by Ian and Ann-Lee Ross in 1973.

The fountain is a casting made from a much smaller fountain created by Professor Sirio Tofanari in 1958.

Other works by him include the little donkey and the foal that stand close by the statue of the wild boar on the Piazza in front of the Butchart Residence.

The boar is a rare bronze copy of a casting of the marble statue displayed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

This bronze known affectionally as “Tacca,” in honour of Pietro Tacca, the artist who created the statue in 1620.

His snout is finely burnished by thousands of visitors who give it an affectionate rub for good luck.

Tacca is dedicated to all the children and dogs who visit The Gardens.

Tomorrow we are going to take you on a boat tour at The Butchart Gardens and cruise down the historic Tod Inlet that will show you how they exported the cement from the Gardens to the rest of the world


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