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If you’re going to give chocolate this year, give the best, give Canadian, from right here on Vancouver Island


Rogers’ Chocolates is steeped in tradition and a

rich history that has earned us our reputation as

one of Canada’s premiere chocolate makers.

The first Rogers’ chocolates were made in 1885

by Charles “Candy” Rogers in the back of his

grocery store in Victoria, B.C.

He quickly became a popular man.


In 1891, Rogers expanded his chocolate

operation to the company’s current heritage

storefront on Government Street in Victoria and

the rest, as they say, is history.


Today, we have 7 retail stores, several hundred

wholesale outlets ship to over 50 countries, and

a 20,000 square-foot factory .


Our Mission Statement

To enrich people’s lives by creating cherished

memories – one chocolate at a time!


Cornell discovered his confectionary talents while

working in a small fudge shop in Vancouver about

10 years ago.


During his training with a master confectioner with

over 30 years of experience, Cornell was awestruck

by the artistry involved in this sweet profession.


Cornell joined our team at Rogers’ Chocolates in 2002

and continues to draw inspiration from many sources.

Whether it’s from his wife and daughter, the staff at

Rogers’, or just day to day inspirations, he continues

to strive for excellence in all things chocolate.


Constantly researching new techniques, as well as

testing a multitude of new flavors, Cornell has

ensured that Rogers’ continues to provide our

customers with the best chocolates possible.


We are very proud to recognize Cornell’s certification

as Master Chocolatier – he recently received his

certification in Belgium.


Cornell’s knowledge of confection, keen palate, and

his artistic creativity have all been put to the test in

the development of our new “emotion inspired”

Artisan chocolates.


We applaud his efforts to provide leadership, and

mentoring to our staff in the art, science and love of



He is committed to honouring Charles Rogers’ time

honoured recipes and introducing new chocolates

upholding the highest standard of quality.



Our Master Chocolatier


Chocolate Care Info

Community Connections


125th Anniversary


Rogers’ Chocolates will celebrate its 125th

Anniversary on October 25th, 2010.


Many of “Candy” Rogers’ original recipes remain

untouched since 1885 and form our “Classics” product

line to this day.


As testimony to our constant pursuit of perfection,

we have developed and will unveil our Organic,

All Natural and Artisan product lines on our



Click here to see the history of chocolate.

In celebration of our 125 years of making premium

chocolates – we are unveiling a touch, taste, sight

and smell chocolate exhibit sure to stimulate all

of your senses!


This will be unveiled at our November 4th media

event at The Fairmont Waterfront then showcased

at YVR Airport.


Stay tuned for pictures, and a interactive online

experience after Nov. 5th!

Up until Christmas it is my intention to persuade

all of us to shop Canadian. 

In all our haste to get things done we forget that

our economy depends on us.

The next time you pick up a product, think about our

future and BUY CANADIAN








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