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British Columbia’s Capital Celebrates Christmas in Style

The BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria

The Victoria Government Parliament Buildings on Vancouver Islandin the Province of British Columbia, Canada proudly fronts the Inner Harbour.

The harbour is the main gathering place for activity in


The BC Government Parliament Buildings looks out over the yachts

and sailboats moored in the marina and a two level waterfront



the waterfront walkway circling the marina is busy with artists

selling their talent and locals and visitors walking back and forth,

from here to there exploring.

Since everything is so close together around the Inner harbour, many are

on foot visiting the other nearby attractions like the gardens in

Beacon Hill Park, the west coast history on display at the

BC Royal Museum or venture into the downtown core to the many

shops and visit “Artist Alley”.

During the night time hours the BC Parliament Buildings light

up the sky line with over 3,300 light bulbs burning the midnight

oil casting a magical spell over the community of Victoria, BC.

The capital city of Victoria is where the BC Provincial Government

assembles to make the laws and decisions of our province and it is

also where  the legislation assemblies are held.

The BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria were constructed

in 1893 by a young 25 year old creative architect, imagine that –

just 25, by the name of  Francis Rattenbury in honor of celebrating

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Arguments arose of course, but soon the controversy was put aside

and the Parliament Buildings were finally completed in 1915

with great anticipation.

The Province of British Columbia now had an official residence for

the B.C. Parliament and a home for the Provincial Legislation to

assemble and discuss ways of boosting the lagging local economy

at the time.

Francis Rattenbury and his crew focused the construction of the BC

Parliament Buildings using, as much as possible, local materials,

resources and expertise – supporting the local businesses was very

important then and it is still now.

Granite rock foundations were brought in from nearby Nelson Island,

the site facades locally imported from Haddington Island and much

of the local  brick, lime and Douglas Fir were from Vancouver Island.

Even back then, Victoria BC dealt with construction over runs and

controversy as the construction costs ballooned to just under

1 Million Dollars opposed to the $600,000 budgeted for the project.

Big bucks back then,I’d say.

The BC Parliament Buildings, today, run visitor tours daily

during the summer months.

Usually the tours run between May long weekend and Labour Day

long weekend in September.

All tour times should be confirmed as tour times can alter.

When visiting the capital city of Victoria, the BC Parliament

Building tours can translate the Victoria tour into French,

German, Mandarin and Cantonese.

BC Parliament Buildings
Belleville Street, Downtown Victoria, Inner Harbour

(Telephone) 1-250-387-3046





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