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Mount Seymour boasts it’s home to the “Seymour Kids”,

Mount Seymour boasts it’s home to the “Seymour Kids”,

Located just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, we

invite you to join us for a season of fun, excitement and

a variety of winter activities!


With a reputation for receiving the most reliable and

consistent snowfall of the three north shore mountains,

Mount Seymour offers a wonderful escape from

Vancouver’s dreary rainy days!


Mount Seymour offers so much more than just skiing

and snowboarding – we’re a complete winter

wilderness mountain facility!


We’re proud that our Snow School has introduced
skiing and snowboarding to more generations of
outdoors enthusiasts than just about any other

mountain in Western Canada.


That’s a tremendous feat and puts us in with some pretty
prestigious company!


Among our advantages are the varied terrain which is

ideally set up for a graduated progress as abilities

improve, our well trained and friendly professionals

and a commitment to helping each individual achieve

their goals.


If you are looking to brush up on your skills as an

intermediate, advanced skier or snowboarder, our

terrain is ready to challenge you!


If you snowboard, freestyle or freeride, then Mount

Seymour is your ultimate choice.


60% of our guests are riders!

We have the best natural freestyle terrain, the largest

terrain park and the first inground halfpipe of the

north shore mountains.


Mount Seymour boasts it’s home to the “Seymour Kids”,

a group that has created some of the world’s best

professional snowboarders.


Walsh, Kevin Sansalone, Jorli Ricker…to name a few.

There’s lots more to do at Mount Seymour than skiing and

snowboarding – why not go for a spirited snowtube ride,

or experience the wonder and majesty of theoutdoors

with a guided snowshoeing tour?


We have Vancouver’s most established and exciting

snowshoe program!With over 10 kilometres of trails to choose from you are

assured to see some breathtaking scenery.


Our adventurous interpreters will guide you through one

of the coastal mountain’s oldest forest areas and

highlight many natural wonders.


Observe the indigenous wild life, see their homes and

experience their environment.


Learn practical outdoor survival techniques so that you

can be prepared for your next snowshoe outing!


Western Canada’s first snow tubing park is calling you

for the thrill of a lifetime!


Mount Seymour offers five exciting lanes to choose

from with a whopping 50 m vertical drop.

All ages welcome. Just bring your friends and family

and we’ll provide the tube and lift back to the top on our

easy access tube tow.


Finish the experience off with a steaming hot chocolate!


It doesn’t get any better than this!


You’re invited to take a break, relax and indulge yourself

in our Rock Chute (licensed for the whole family).


This cozy refuge offers great food, beverages, music

and inspiring videos complimented by Mount

Seymour’srenowned friendly service whenever you need

to unwindfrom playing in the snow!

Directions: From Vancouver head west on Hwy 1,

cross the Second Narrows Bridge, take the 3rd exit

(# 22) onto Mount Seymour Parkway, and follow the signs

to Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

Turn left at MountSeymour Road (at Mohawk Station)

and continue15 minutes

In life you can never to too kind or too fair: everyone

you meet is carrying a heavy load.

When you go through your day expressing kindness

and courtesy to all you meet, you leave behind a feeling

of warmth and good cheer, and you help alleviate the

burdens everyone is struggling with. Brian



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