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Welcome to Angel Flight of British Columbia, Giving Wings to People with Cancer

This Blog is dedicated to Jeff Morris C.E.O of Angle Flight and his little buddy Coen Wallace and Coen’s family

Angel Flight of British Columbia PO Box 2623, Sidney, BC V8L 4C1
Tel. 250-818-0288 Fax: 250-655-0247 Email:
Sidney Meet Up Womens Network will be hosting a special event in
April to help raise funds for Angel Flight of British Columbia, but in
the meantime we welcome any donations.  Please contact Angel Flight
directly if you wish to help in any way


Where We Fly

Map of Where We Fly around the Vancouver Island region

Latest News

Ensuring Angels Keep Up The Good Work


Who is Angel Flight?

Angel Flight of British Columbia was founded in 2001 with the purpose of easing the burden of patients whom must travel long distances to their medical treatment centres by utilizing a network of volunteer pilots, aircraft owners, and ground support.


Angel Flight is approved by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to transport patients via private aircraft from points on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland to treatment centres in Victoria and Vancouver.

We also coordinate ground transportation from the arrival aerodrome to the medical treatment centres.


Our passengers are patients who have to travel long distances for cancer related diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, or other treatments not locally available.

Angel Flight will also carry a travelling companion, or guardian, such as a parent, close friend or spouse.

Upon medical referral, people can be transported to treatment centers quickly and comfortably so they can focus their energies on getting well.

With immune systems that are often a critical consideration, Angel Flight can assure a contagion-free environment on a flight that is dedicated to only that individual and his or her escort.

We fly whenever needed and as often as our capacity, and weather allows.

Angel Flight is staffed entirely by volunteers.

We raise funds through service clubs, corporate and private donations, as well as fund-raising events.


Donate to:
Angel Flight of BC
PO Box 2623
Sidney, BC
V8L 4C10



To apply as a volunteer pilot for, please download the Pilot Application form.

Minimum Pilot Requirements:

  • Current License.
  • 300 hours PIC (Pilot In Control), gained in a timely manner.


(Please see the page: Board of DirectorsRequest Flight

How it Works

Requesting a Flight for a cancer patient is a 3-step process:

  1. You must first register on our site and after email verification…
  2. Securely log in.
  3. Create a Flight Request by filling in your contact and appointment details.
  4. 1. Register with Angel Flight
  5. 2. Log-in
  6. 3. Create a Flight Request

That’s it! Once that is submitted to us, we will then do our best to facilitate your request. All information is confidential and secure.



Are you Eligible?

Are you required to travel for cancer treatment at the Victoria or Vancouver cancer treatment centres or at St Joseph’s Hospital in Comox?

  • Can you walk on your own, unaided*?
  • Could you climb onto the wing of an aircraft and then down into the cockpit with little or no assistance? (Similar to climbing in and out of a tub)
  • Would you prefer flying to your destination over driving/ferry?
  • Would you love to see the beautiful British Columbia coast from the air?

If you’ve answered Yes to all the above questions, congratulations you are eligible!

* Walkers, children’s stroller etc will not fit in our aircrafts.

Angel Flight is an entirely voluntary organization with no paid employees.

Our pilots are from a broad spectrum of society – bank managers to truck drivers – and need advance notice to take time away from work to operate Angel Flights.

As such the more notice that we can be given improves the chances of Angel Flight being able to provide services.


Angel Flight is approved by Transport Canada to carry fully ambulatory people for medical appointments and treatment.

Most of our aircraft are small single engined airplanes, with four seats including the pilot.

To utilize our services a client must be able to climb onto the wing of an aircraft and then down into the cockpit with little or no assistance.

This is something akin to climbing down into a bath tub from a height level with the top of the tub.

Some of our aircraft only have one door which means the pilot has to be in his or her seat prior to the passenger and so cannot offer any physical assistance to the passenger.

Walkers, children’s strollers etc will not fit into our aircraft unless they are small and can be folded up. Wheelchairs cannot be carried.


We plan each flight based on the individual requirements of the client.

When an appointment has been made the flight is planned to arrive with sufficient time to enable the client to make the appointment.

Due to weather constraints, particularly early morning fog, it is suggested that early morning appointments not be made unless the client is prepared to travel the day prior to the appointment.


The Flight Request should be submitted to us online as soon as possible so that the Director of Operations can assess the content and commence planning the flight.

Weights are essential and should be as accurate as possible.

This is critical with small aircraft.

For cancer patients transport can usually be arranged with the Vancouver or Victoria Volunteer Drivers, other clients must make their own transport arrangements from the South Terminal at Vancouver International Airport, which is where we operate into in Vancouver, or the Victoria Flying Club in Victoria.

We can fly into other airports on the Lower Mainland as well as points on Vancouver Island. The form should be either emailed or faxed to the Director of Operations.


The Air Transport Waiver of Liability, which you may attach to the Flight Request form or send in via post, needs to be signed by the client, any accompanying persons, and a medical professional who signs to confirm that the flight, which may be at heights of up to 10,000 feet, will not harm the client.

This can then be faxed back to Angel Flight at 250-655-0247.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Photo Gallery

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