Posted by: cherylyoung | December 27, 2012

Day 3 on Vancouver Island, Hunt for Mythical Monsters


Hunt for Mystical Monsters

You don’t need a licence to hunt monsters in British Columbia—it’s always open season.  But you would never fit Cadborosaurus or Ogopogo in your home aquarium, and the grocery bill to feed a  sasquach would be stratospheric- not to mention the stink in your living room. No, our mythical monsters are best captured with a camera.

Despite hundreds of reported sightings, fuzzy photographs are the only evidence of these legendary beasts.  Nonetheless, crypozoologists insist these creatures are out there- Ogopogo, lurking in the depthos of Okanagan lake, Caddy, in Greater Victoria’s Cadboro Bay and beyond touring B.C coastline .

The Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization dutifully collects bigfoot reports – from sightings and footprints to terrible unexplained odours – in areas from the Fraser Valley to Northern B.C

A man camping at Toba Inlet claimed that a family of sasquatches held him captive for six days, while a group of Canadian Pacific Railway workers reportedly bagged a sasquatch near Yale and shipped it off to England.  A boater at De Courcy Island said he netted, then released, a baby Caddy, but didn’t take any pictures.  Sightings continue – Caddy was spotted again early this year – but rewards for irrefutable proof of their existence remain unclaimed.


If you’re skeptical to search for our three notorious monster, you might consider tracking Hertz 52.  This unidentified being roams off the B.C coast emitting calls unlike any whale recorded by underwater microphones.  Since 1989, Hertz 52 has been heard from Alaska to California, baffling seagoing


Don’t Miss

An award winning shot of any B.C monster

The Ogopago statue on Kelowna’s Bernard Avenue or the “Caddy” climbing structure at Gyro Park on Cadboro Bay in Greater Victoria.


And last but not least


Cheryl Holmes Young,

Saanich Peninsula Realty


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