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My name is Grant Warrington and I am passionate about weaving seaweeds

 Welcome to!


My name is GrantWarrington and I am

passionate about weaving seaweeds.



I am blessed to live and work on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada.

I divide my time between Victoria, at the southernmost tip of

Vancouver Island and Shirley, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

I spend many hours in these beautiful west coast settings beachcombing,

gathering, drying, soaking and weaving the seaweed that has washed ashore.

And what a wonderful material it is to work with!

Contact Information



I am able to varnish with a water-based biodegradabl

e product if requested.

The varnish brings out the natural lustre of the material and

adds strength to the product.


Self-taught over several years’ of trial and error,

I am inspired by the natural tangling and folding of seaweed

as it washes ashore.

I am ever grateful to and sobered by the sea, with its

ever-changing conditions, including the occasional rogue wave!


I accept commissions for larger pieces, including installation

pieces and look forward to hearing from you at:



I can’t tell you how excited we are to have

Grant with us at our wonderful evening


Shaw Ocean Discovery Sea of Love Sip and Bid

A special tribute to all the wonderful talent

we have on Vancouver Island and celebrate

our Salish Sea shaw5



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