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Jonathan Gleed will be at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Sea of Love, Sip and Bid Event




Jonathan Gleed is a Victoria BC painter

whose works in acrylic explore natural and 

engineered environments.

Gleed chases after the ever-elusive glint

of subtle beauty in what others would find the

ordinary or mundane.

His central ambition is to evoke emotional

vigour in those who view his paintings.


From photography, to writing and television production,

Jonathan has spent his entire life actively pursuing that creative outlet.

Only when he began to paint seriously did he recognize

that working with the brush was his true calling.

Through his work, Jonathan has been able to ascertain a

little more meaning  and order to this strange and

wonderful existence.

Jonathan’s life perspective:

Humanity as a whole would be a far better place

– a far happier place– if we all spent less time consuming,

and more time creating.



If you would like a first look at Gleed’s new paintings, simply

sign up for his new Wet-Paint program.

Each month Gleed will send photos and a write-up on one or two

of his paintings fresh off the canvas.

Simply send your name & other contact info in an

email by clicking here.

Or email Jonathan at with the Subject:

“Please add me to your Wet-Paint program.” 

See Past Issues




The Stagger Home 1

I am fascinated with light and how it interacts with objects

 Not a shocking revelation, coming from a painter.

But light behaviour is one of the exciting elements

of painting that are tangible to me. (Other compelling

elements seem more illusive and subtle.)

This series is an explicit example of light behaviour.


The Stagger Home 2

How the light bends, morphs and bounces off a specific object,

whether it’s reflective, opaque or matte is what compels me to

paint scenes like these.

The reflected light can create even more light of a slightly altered

colour when it bounces off an object.

I can’t think of a better example of this than a busy night-time city scene.

You might first notice the streaks of light streaming down

the wet streets.

You can see how the vehicles not only give off vibrant colours

through its lights, but they reflect themselves; as well

they pass right though giving it an almost aquatic distortion.

Vehicles are one of my favourite subjects for this reason.

Add to this a wet, dark night, then I can’t think of a more

exciting combination.




The Stagger Home 3

But then there’s a mist. It follows mysterious paths across the sky

,sketching and warping in unpredictable ways.

It can be difficultto capture well, but when achieved the

results are rewarding and certainly indicate the nature of the environment.

Through the heavy air, the light against the buildings really only

provide an indication of their existence.

A very challenging series. But a rewarding one.

Jonathan Gleed
250 216-8649

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

9811 Seaport Pl, Sidney BC

Jan 2,2013

Tiger Lily Events and Sidney Meet Up are hosting the first annual Sea of Love

Sip and Bid, a fundraiser for The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre on Thursday, February 28 from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Aquarium. We will have entertainment, speakers and a wonderful opportunity to network and greet old friends.

The event is a great opportunity for your business to gain exposure for its products and services.

We are in the process of planning our silent auction component and sponsorship package for the evening and hope you will consider making a contribution.

Your Sponsorships are tax deductible and you may request a receipt for the full value.

At the event, your sponsorship will be acknowledged in all the promotional material, on the auction bid sheets, and mentioned by the emcee.

Please provide business cards and brochures to maximize your exposure. In order to meet our program deadline, we would need your response by Feb 01,2013. I will contact you within the week to confirm your participation.

As a sponsor, we are pleased to offer two complimentary tickets and two glasses of wine for all donations over $200.00. All sponsorship and silent auction donations raised will go 100% to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre along with a portion of the beverage sales.

Tickets are available at 250-516-7653

The tickets are $30.00 each and will be delivered or mailed to you before the event. We accept Visa, Mastercard or cheque.

If you prefer to donate an item to the silent auction that would be greatly appreciated and we will post all the donations on our website and facebook, and they will be announced at the auction.

You can expect an evening of delightful music, tempting appetizers, and local wine & beer selections for your tasting pleasure.

The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, a not-for-profit aquarium, located on the waterfront in Sidney, is recognized as the award-winning Aquarium of the Salish Sea and a leader in environmental education.

Their 10,000 sq ft facility houses an array of live exhibits that showcase the many intricacies that make up our delicate underwater ecosystem.

Through a ‘hands on-hands wet’ learning philosophy, their goal is to engage each visitor in learning about the Salish Sea, and to inspire them to become a steward for our most precious resource: the ocean.

For more information about Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, please visit

Funds raised at the Sea of Love event will help support Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre’s school programs that average 7,000 children per year and are directly linked to grade-specific BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes.

They have weekly offerings (such as Tots Tuesdays and Senior Sessions Thursdays) that aim to engage the community in the fascinating world that exists just below the ocean’s surface.

Behind the scenes tours, monthly lectures, and Oceaneer enrichment events are all offered at the Centre.

We thank you for considering our event as a cause worthy of your support.



sidney meetSidney Meet Up Womens Network Group

Cheryl Young, President

250-516-7653 facebook Sidney Meet Up


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