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Day 26 Soak in a Natural Hot Spring

Soak In a Natural Hot Spring There is no better way to loosen

up sore muscles than a leisurely wallow in a natural hot spring.

After a full day of cycling up the Alaska Highway I have lolled in

the steamy pools at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park,

surrounded by ostrich ferns, sundew and blooming orchids.

The springs create a unique microclimate here in what’s been

called British Columbia’s “tropical valley” set amidst the northern

boreal forest.

B.C is home to many of the nation’s hot springs, from indistinct

mud holes in the backcountry to sparkling commercial resort pools

such as those at Ainsworth, Nakusp, Halcyon, Radium, Fairmont

and Harrison hot springs – may with adjacent full-service spa hotels.

I prefer the wilder, undeveloped hot spots. At Lussier Hot Springs,

with Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in the Rockies, hot water oozes

from the earth and trickles down through a series of crude pools into

a glacial river. At Hot Springs Cove in Clayoquot sound, salt spray

spews up from the frigid sea over lazy bathers reclining in the natural

rock pools.

In Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve in Haida Gwaii the seaside

pools on Hotspring Island are among the most idyllic in the province.

B.C’s original hot springers were the First Nations people,

who drank the mineral-rich waters and soaked up the springs’

curative powers. The springs at Liard River have been a

hot spot for travelers on the Alaska Highway since the 1940‘s

Don’t Miss

The Surprise Plunge pool at Radium where water temperatures

vary from hot-tub cozy to mountain creek cold.

The unique 46-metre horseshoe shaped cave at

Ainsworth Hot Spring Resort.

Info: Hot springs of Western Canada by Glenn Woodsworth

gordon Soules Book Publishers,1999)

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