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Day 30, Board a B.C Ferry

Day 30, Board a B.C Ferry

Day 30 Board A B.C Ferry By Frances Backhouse

From British Columbia magazine

With the wind in your face, sunlight sparkling

on the waves ., and a seagull gliding beside you

at eye level, a ferry trip in British Columbia is

much more than a way to get from Point A to

poin to point B. Whether the voyage is long or

short, it alsways feels like an adventure.

It begins with pre-boarding anticipatin and ends

with the excitement of landing on an unfamiliar

shore or the sweet pleasure of homecoming.

Best of all is the journey.

Every ferry trip offers spectacular scenery and a

uniquely off-road perspective on the province.

Bonus attractions may include whate sightings,

impromptu concerts by travelling musicians,

conversations with friendly locals or world

travellers, and colourful marine sunrises or sunsets.

For a cruise experience at a discount price, book

the Discovery Coast Passage with BC Ferries: the

summer route connects Port Hardy to the remote

communicies of Bella Bella, Shearwater, Klemtu,

Ocean Falls and Bella Cools.

B.C’s best-known ferries re those that travel the


There are also 14 inland ferry routes operated by

the province’s Ministry of Transportation, which

provide free transits for vehicles and passengers

across various rivers and lakes.

Don’t Miss Sampling a classic Nanaimo bar square

at the onboard cafeteria Stampeding to port or

starboard when the captain announces an orca


Cheryl Young, Realtor


Make a careful list of all the things done to you

that you abhorred.

Don’t do them to others-.

Make another list of things done for you that you loved.

Do them for others -always





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