Posted by: cherylyoung | January 19, 2013

Day 35 Follow Dinosaur Footprints

Day 35 Follow Dinosaur Footprints


A dinosaur trackway cast from the Tumbler Ridge area

(one metre stick for scale)

More than 90 million years ago, when dinosaurs

still inhabited British Columbia, lumbering,

cow-sized, vegetarian ankylosaurs and fleet-footed,

bipedal, carnivorous theropods left their marks

on today’s Tumbler Ridge area.


Visitors to the northern community can walk the

fossilized footsteps of these reptilian ancestors at t

rackways along the Wolverine River and Flatbed Creek.


The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre

offers guided summer tours, including a night

walk at the Wolverine site; low-cast lantern light

dramatically enhances the shallow impressions.


Researchers have verified several dinosaur finds

in north-central B.C., including one near

Hudson’s Hope, and others in the Fraser Canyon

and Elk River valley.


Info: (250-242-3466;

⎯Shanna Baker



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