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With names like ambrosia, sunrise, jonagold, and aurora golden gala, Bri

tish Columbia’s apples sound as sumptuous as they taste. Commercial

growers produce an estimated 20 to 25 varieties of this popular tree fruit,

but hundreds of other types ripen on hobby farms and backyard branches.

Saltspring Islanders alone claim to grow 350 different kinds of organic

apples on their southern Gulf Island.

On average, each British Columbian eats 75 to 100 B.C. apples a

year, and most of these come from the sunny Okanagan and

Similkameen valleys.

The warm, dry summers and cooler falls there beget apples wit

h an attractive finish and crisp, juicy, flavourful flesh.

“Apples are grown to perfection here,” says Joe Sardinha, a

Summerland orchardist of 28 years and president of the BC Fruit Growers’

Association. His personal favourite: ambrosia.

“If you’ve ever seen an 800-pound bin of ambrosia apples

sitting in the orchard, freshly picked, it’s just something to behold.

They have that certain glow to them, and they’re the right

combination of sweetness and juiciness.”

Taste a bunch and find your favourite at annual apple

festivals on Saltspring Island,

Info: (;

Shanna Baker for Beautiful British Columbia



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