Posted by: cherylyoung | January 20, 2013

Day 39 Bounce Through Barkerville

Day 39 Bounce Through Barkerville


Day 39 Bounce Through Barkerville 


Each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world travel to th

e foothills of the Cariboo mountains to take in this one of a kind heritage

attraction, much like miners and prospectors did during the original gold rushes.


In 1861, a miner named Billy Barker arrived in the region,

along with a wave of prospectors from all over North America

and the world. While here, Barker struck a fabulously

rich pay streak.

As a result, in 1862, Barkerville was born, helping set the stage

for the settlement of British Columbia and its eventual

confederation with Canada.

Today, Barkerville is a historic site like no other.

Unlike many gold rush towns from this era – which have long disappeared –

Barkerville remains a thriving place, rich in history and full of life.

You can tour the town with one of the colourful characters from

Barkerville’s past, watch the notorious Judge Begbie strike fear into

the hearts of history’s criminals, witness authentic gold rush theatre,

and see a real Cornish Waterwheel in action.

Pan for gold with your family and friends, visit Barkerville’s well

preserved Chinatown, and go back to school in the 1800s.

Or, learn about the town at your own pace by visiting our historic

buildings and beautiful displays.

Our town’s merchants, restaurants and accommodations will provide

you with everything you need for a genuinely comfortable

trip into the province’s past.




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