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Paul Harder is a bronze sculptor with a love of creatures small and large.


Paul Harder is a bronze sculptor with a love of creatures small and large.
His experience as an ecologist has led to his fascination with fish, marine creatures, reptiles, birds and mammals.
His current focus is on the diverse and magnificent wildlife of British Columbia.
Have a look at what`s new on Paul’s blog.
Tel: 250-656-7783 • Email:
612 Downey Road, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5M6


Paul has taken his love of the wilderness and his many work and travel experiences

and developed a new career as an impassioned bronze sculptor.

He has been drawn to a diverse array of creatures and has been continually

adding to the sculpture garden around his studio in North Saanich, BC.

Recent Examples

Some recent examples of west coast inspired bronze sculptures include

the Timber Wolf, Cougar, Grizzly Bear, Great Blue Heron, Great Horned Owl,

Oyster Catchers, Tufted Puffin, Sea and River Otters, Steelhead Trout and a

collection of various Octopus sculptures.

He has also completed a collection of more exotic species including the

Arapaima fish from the Amazon, the Arowana or Dragon Fish,

Komodo Dragon, Galapagos Tortoise, a series of Sea Turtles and

several wall hanging tropical fish.

Functional works of art include the Steelhead Trout and Octopus Coffee Tables

and the Sea Horse dining room table.

Paul specializes in custom design tables and will create a table specifically

for your setting. Please enquire.

New works in progress include a Timber Wolf, Labrador Dog,

Octopus, Great Blue Heron and a life sized Orangutan.

Paul strives to capture a sense of motion in each of his sculptures and

is known for his attention to detail and an emphasis on strong textural qualities.

Depending on the size, most of his sculptures are done as

Editions of 10 – 20 pieces or fewer.

Art on Display

His works are on display and available through his studio located in North Saanich,

BC near the Victoria International Airport. Several works are also featured at

Nimmo Bay Resort and at the Shell Aero Centre at the Victoria International Airport

as well as in the lobby of the Pier Hotel in Sidney BC.

He has public installations at Celebration Plaza in the Resort Municipality

of Whistler and at the Shaw Ocean Marine Centre in Sidney, BC.

The artist welcomes all commissions to create a special and unique piece

for your business or home.





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