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British Columbia enjoying Canada’s driest climate Osoyoos bills itself as Desert Wine Country

British Columbia Enjoying Canada’s driest climate,

Osoyoos bills itself as Desert Wine Country.

Osoyoos is the only desert in Canada, with the lowest

rainfall, the highest temperatures, and the warmest lakes.

Osoyoos is located in the middle of the Southern

Okanagan wine country, whose fine wines match any

wines from anywhere, from France to California.

Translated from local Inkaneep native dialect, Osoyoos

means, where the water narrows, or sand bar across,

an apt description for the way this town spans a narrow

part of Osoyoos Lake in the Southern Okanagan.

Originally named “Soo-Yoos”, an O is believed to have

been added to lend a more dignified sound to the name.

Here, the ancestors of the Okanagan Salish Indians

trapped the salmon swimming up the Okanagan River.

David Stuart, a Scotsman working for the American

-based Pacific Fur Company in 1811, was one of the first

white explorers to visit this area.

For nearly half a century, Osoyoos was on the north

-south fur trade route.

Then, after a lull, it gained importance as a border

entry point for cattle drives to the gold miners

of the Cariboo.

Osoyoos was corporated in 1947, but its history dates

back a lot earlier.

In the late 1800s, it was the colonial government’s

administrative centre for much of the interior of

British Columbia.

From those early roots, Osoyoos has developed into

what it is today.

Commercial fruit growing started in the early 1900s,

but Osoyoos grew slowly until the railway reached i

t from the north in 1944.

Okanagan Falls

Today, the dry, sunny climate and long growing season

make the South Okanagan the fruit basket of Canada,

with Osoyoos as its capital city.

Cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, apples, grapes…

even bananas! Yes, bananas – the only plantation of its

kind in Canada.

If visitors feel as though they’ve stumbled across a little

part of the Mediterranean, it’s no wonder.

This is the place to beat the summer heat; sailing,

windsurfing, water-skiing and parasailing are all here

for your pleasure.

Population: 4,963 Location: Osoyoos is located on

Highway 3 on the eastern shore of Osoyoos Lake, near

the Canada/United States border, 17 miles (27 km)

south of Oliver and 38 miles (60 km) south of Penticton.

Okanagan Falls Okanagan Falls, British Columbia

Located on the southern end of Skaha Lake in the

Okanagan Valley, and known locally as OK Falls, the little

community of Okanagan Falls was originally known as

Dogtown, from the Okanagan First Nations word Skaha,

meaning dog, after which the nearby Skaha Lake

was named.

Okanagan Falls was named after small twin waterfalls

that were once part of a scenic natural landscape located

at the southern end of Skaha Lake where it emptied into

the Okanagan River.

The falls were reduced to a series of gentle rapids

in the 1950s with the construction of a flood control dam

to control the level of water flowing south in the

Okanagan River.

Okanagan Falls is a charming little town best visited for

its tasty pleasures:

It is home to the largest ice-cream cone seller in the valley,

Tickleberry’s; and two prestigious wineries, Wild Goose

Vineyards and Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards

(formerly LeComte Estate Winery).

The community of Okanagan Falls was founded on

agriculture, and today provides fresh fruits and

vegetables, delicious dried fruits and award

winning wines.

The South Okanagan area offers a diverse variety of

outdoor recreation, including miles of hiking, mountain

biking and horseback riding trails, along with rock climbing

, boating, parasailing, swimming, fishing, wildlife watching,

skiing, and golfing on the several championship golf courses.

Wildlife is plentiful, with frequent sightings of bighorn

sheep and deer, while elk, bear, moose, cougar and a

variety of other wildlife can be found in the surrounding


Okanagan Falls residents enjoy one of the mildest

climates in Canada, with lots of warm dry weather and

very high annual hours of sunshine.

Population: 6,005 (includes Kaleden)

Location: Okanagan Falls is located on Highway 97 at

the southern end of Skaha Lake in the South Okanagan,

13 miles (21 km) north of Oliver and 12 miles (19 km)

south of Penticton.

I truly hope that you enjoy reading this blog as much

as I enjoy bringing it to you.

I will continue to spread the word “British Columbia

is the most beautiful place on earth”

So bookmark us because we are just getting warmed up.

Cheryl Young, Realtor

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