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Vancouver Island Brewery, We’ve Got It Good!

beerWe’ve Got It Good!

If you’re from the Island you know that We’ve Got it Good!

It’s not just a catchy slogan, it’s the Island way of life.

One that we take seriously here at Vancouver Island Brewery.

Whether it’s fishing for the big one on the open ocean, carving the slopes of Mount Washington or smacking the ball at the local Golf Course.

Whatever, whenever, if you’re enjoying one of those “we’ve got it good” moments, chances are a Vancouver Island Brewery beer is never far from reach.

Hours of operation: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

Van brew

 What’s New

 Hermannator Ice Bock Released

van hermanh

News Release

For Immediate Release

Brewing up a Classic – Hermannator Ice Bock turns 25!

Victoria, BC (October 25, 2012) –

When Vancouver Island Brewery first brewed Hermannator in 1987 it was intended as a special winter batch for the breweries closest friends and family.

It quickly became evident that this beer was something special as year after year the number of people demanding a taste of this unique brew grew after each limited release.

Van Brew3

Now 25 years and multiple world class brewing awards later, Hermannator is back on local beer retailers’ shelves, ready to make a limited release appearance for its Silver Anniversary.

“To be able to brew a beer for over 25 years and have loyal customers coming back each year to enjoy this beer is a very rewarding feeling” stated Jim Dodds, General Manager at Vancouver Island Brewery.

“Since 1984 we have loved brewing unique flavorful beers and Hermannator holds a special place in our hearts here at the brewery.”

Van brew4

A multiple gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships, Canadian Brewing Awards and also recently taking gold at the 2012 British Columbia Beer Awards, brew master Ralf Pitroff credits Hermannator’s quality ingredients and unique brewing tradition as recipe’s for this beers success.

“What makes this beer so unique is that it takes up to 3 months to brew and mature from start to finish. Because the brewing process is so intensive and complex, there are few beers like it in Canada”.

Pittroff also says that using a signature blend of chocolate and caramel malts creates a dark chestnut coloured beer with a full body and rich malt flavour.

At 9.5% alc. by volume, Hermannator delivers a smooth, but assertive flavour with hints of plum, chocolate and a warming brandy like finish.

Van Brew 9

Crafted in small batches once a year and only bottled in limited quantities, this bavarian style Ice Bock is in high demand.

Many local customers expect it to sell out well before the holidays are over. This is true testament to the craft beer savvy of local beer enthusiasts.

The highly anticipated 25th Anniversary edition of Hermannator Ice Bock hit store shelves on October 24th and is available while supplies last.

New Seasonal – Storm Watcher Winter Lager

News Release

For Immediate Release

A Winter Storm rolls in at Vancouver Island Brewery

Victoria, BC – October 3, 2012 –

As the days get shorter, people’s thoughts begin to shift to all things winter.

For some this means snowfall, skiing, or escaping down south.

For the brewing team at Vancouver Island Brewery it conjures up thoughts of the west coast surf crashing into the island shoreline.

Inspired by the changing of the seasons they decided to brew a new seasonal beer that reflects our west coast winters in Storm Watcher Winter Lager.

“We’re proud of our connection to the west coast and its influence on our beers. With winter coming we looked to the coast and were inspired for our newest winter seasonal release.” said Jim Dodds, General Manager for Vancouver Island Brewery.

“We wanted to create a winter beer with the warm and sweet flavours of caramel and toffee and pair these with the clean, refreshing qualities of a lager.”

van logo

Working with a small test brewery built by hand, Vancouver Island Brewery crafted 3 different recipes that were sampled and `taste tested’ in casks at a recently held brewery open house.

Using customer feedback on the initial beers helped to craft the recipe for Storm Watcher Winter Lager and perfect the final flavour for this brew.

“The popularity of craft beer continues to grow as beer drinkers turn to more local alternatives than the large commercial breweries” Adam Ball, Manager – Beer Experience stated.

“That paired with customers thirst for new and inspired beers has led to a number of seasonal and limited release offerings.

It truly is an exciting time to be a craft beer drinker.”

A unique seasonal offering, Storm Watcher Winter Lager will be available October 1st and will replace their successful summer seasonal Beachcomber Summer Ale.

Storm Watcher Lager Story:

With the ocean mist glistening in the air, huge swells rolling in from the mighty Pacific and the fury of the gales howling it must be storm season

. Much like the storms of the West Coast, our Winter Lager rolls in with notes of caramel and finishes with a crash of toffee and malt.

Pouring a warm amber-red, this lager combines honey, caramel and crystal malts to create a thirst quenching and slightly warming beer perfect for our winter storms.”

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Amber-red

Flavour: Malty with warming notes of caramel and toffee

Aroma: Sweet and spicy

New 650ml Seasonal Series Brewers Batch –

Iron Plow Harvest Märzen

Those who lay the foundation rarely receive the credit, but we think that those Islanders who sacrifice blood, sweat and tears should reap the spoils.

This Harvest Märzen is made to celebrate the end of the summer harvest, and a change into the fall season.

A creamy, smooth and malty beer representing the bounty of a season’s hard work, from plow to pint.

 Contact Us

We love to hear from our customers, good or bad!

Contact us with your comments and suggestions, to order a keg and party supplies for your event, or find out more information about our Brewery and fine crafted ales and lagers.

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Mailing Address: 2330 Government Street, Victoria BC V8T 5G5

Beer Store Phone: 250.361.0005

Office Phone: 250.361.0007

Toll-free: 1.800.663.6383

Fax: 250.360.0336

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