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Join us for a hands on, hands wet adventure!

Colourful aquarium habitats teem with marine life from the Salish Sea.

Guests of all ages have the opportunity to shake hands with sea urchins & tickle sea stars in the touch pools.

Hundreds of fish, invertebrates and marine plants recreate the ocean environment and give an underwater view that most people never experience.

Discover amazing diversity at the award winning aquarium of the Salish Sea.

Click here to find out what’s happening now at the Centre!

Kids at the Centre


Connect people with the oceans’ ecosystem through engagement, education and awareness. Operate as the friendly face of science by offering relevant programming and championing eco- partnerships.



Be a champion for the Salish Sea and inspire all generations to explore, respect, and take action on behalf of the world’s oceans.


The New Marine Centre Society operates in an environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible manner.

Our relationships with public, students, staff and volunteers are underpinned by the principles of trust, integrity, honesty and transparency.

Committed to best practices in the care of our marine life.
The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is an aquarium and marine education centre focused on the amazing ecosystem of the Salish Sea.


The Centre operates as a not-for-profit community facility that is self supporting through admission fees, grants and donations. The Ocean Discovery Centre is governed, funded and owned by the New Marine Centre Society. The Society is a BC Society and Canada Revenue Agency registered charity. Year-end financial statements are available by request. Please contact Angus Matthews.

The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is located in a spectacular waterfront building in Sidney, BC. The space the Centre is housed in is owned by the Town of Sidney thanks to an agreement with the developer of the Sidney Pier building. The Centre has a 20-year lease with the Town of Sidney for the nominal fee of $5.


Planning for the development of the Ocean Discovery Centre began in 2005. The $5 Million Discover Your Ocean Campaign was launched in September of 2006. The campaign was completed on April 20, 2009. Major donations included $1.5 Million from the Shaw Charitable Donations Committee. A Canada/BC Infrastructure Grant in the amount of $2 Million was an important funding component. We are very grateful to all of our supporters who contributed a further $1.5 Million in private donations to reach the campaign goal and build the Centre.

The Centre opened to the public on June 20, 2009. Click here to see the how the project progressed to be what it is today.

The origins of the Centre’s evolution are on our History page.

The Centre is governed by a volunteer Board and administered by Angus Matthews, Executive Director.

If you have skills that could be helpful to our Board, click here.

Click here to view the Centre’s organizational chart.


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