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How about a bottle of wine each month for 12 months from DeVine Wineries

Welcome to de Vine Vineyards

And yes that is right at our live Auction we will be auctioning off a

Bottle of wine each month for 12 months compliments of De Vine Winery


de Vine Vineyards enjoys the warm summers, cooling ocean

breezes, and rich clay-loam soils of the Saanich Peninsula.

Visit our vineyard, winery and tasting room to savour

our wines and enjoy breathtaking views of the

coast & mountains

We handle our grapes as little as possible, picking by

hand and using traditional  Burgundian techniques

to bring out the best in each lot.

Whites are gently whole-cluster pressed, and fermented

cool and slow to maintain their bright acidity and

subtle aromas.

Reds are destemmed and given a cold soak and frequent

punch downs to achieve maximum extraction

of flavor and color.

Extended contact with the skins encourages the tannins

to soften and meld.

Aging in fine-grained French oak barrels promotes harmony,

and blending enhances the strengths of each varietal.

To supplement our own cool-climate grapes and wines,

we also work closely with select vineyards in the southern

Okanagan region.

A kind of meeting place between Bordeaux and Burgundy,

which has provided us with beautiful Pinot Noir, Merlot,

Viognier, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and even a barrel

or two of Dornfelder.

Grapegrowing is about understanding the rhythm

of each vintage, as dictated by Mother Nature.

De Vine sits on a south-facing ridgetop, with good exposure

and a steady ocean breeze.

Our soil is shallow clay-loam with plenty of rocks

for drainage.

Because we also live on the property, we farm organically,

without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Organic farming is not a walk in the vineyard, so to speak.

It requires a lot of hand work, hoeing rows or running a

tractor-mounted weed badger instead of spraying chemicals.

But to paraphrase a French saying, the best fertilizer is the boots

of the grower.

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