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Women In Need Victoria

Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative


The Core of What We Do

At Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative

(WIN), we support women along their journey between

crisis, financial self sufficiency and wellness.

Our programs are there for women along

each step of her journey.

We are there when she is in crisis and needs to access

essential goods, we are there when she is setting up her

own home after leaving a transition house, we are there

when she is building a strong community of support.

And finally, when she is ready, we are there to provide

training, education and financial support to help her

achieve her goals of financial self sufficiency

and wellness.

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Our Programs

Jennifer’s Story


When Jennifer made the courageous decision to
leave the violence behind she needed to act quickly.
She and her young son Michael left with just the
clothes they were wearing and the few personal
effects that happened to be in the car.
She was amazed to find how supportive the
community was at every stage of the journey
that followed.
They found a safe haven at a local transition house.
Her counselor there gave her a gift certificate for
the WIN store so she could shop for some clothing
and pajamas for her and Michael during their stay
at the shelter. She was even able to get him some
toys, as all of his had been left behind at the home
they would not be returning to. After a period of respite Jennifer found housing,

and while she was excited about starting fresh the

new place was bare and felt empty.

They didn’t have any furniture, linens, or even dishes.



Jennifer was referred to the WIN
New Start program, and soon a wonderful thing
happened: the WIN truck showed up carrying
all the furniture, beds, linens, kitchenware and
other household basics that she and Michael
Jennifer felt a profound sense of inclusion,
support and hope as she unpacked the boxes,
arranged the furniture and made their new house
into a home.
Although the worst was behind her, Jennifer was
facing major challenges as a newly single parent.
When we checked in with her three months after
her move, her food budget was stretched thin
even though she was working two jobs.
The stress of making ends meet on her own
was weighing on her and she wasn’t able to
spend as much time with Michael as they both
needed and deserved. She had previously completed
schooling in the health care field, but before
she could attain a position with better pay and
health benefits she need to complete one last
Jennifer came and met with someone at WIN,
and together they established some goals that she
would like to work on over the next year.
They worked together to find resources in the
community, as well as identify what WIN programs
would support her goals
Jennifer applied to the
and was able to participate in two of the workshops
run by WIN: Financial Skills and Food Skills for
Jennifer was encouraged to apply for the
She applied, and was soon awarded funds to
cover the tuition fees for the last course she
needed that was key to her capacity to move
forward in her new life as a self-sufficient
Today, Jennifer has applied for a better paying
job in the health care field, and has found a better
balance for herself and her son.
She talks about feeling supported by her
community and proud if her ability to accomplish
her goals.
Jennifer is a character who represents the
approximately one thousand women who the
Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative
supports every year, thanks to the generosity
of the community.


Transforming our Community One Woman

at a Time

How do we do this? We collect donated goods

and provide affordable high quality clothing,

household items and furniture through three

Resale Shops in Victoria.

The revenue from our shops, together with

financial donations, covers the entire cost

of running our non profit cooperative, and

funding our empowerment programs for women.


So whether you are a shopper or a donor, you


too have a hand in transforming our community.

How You Make A Difference

We believe in the power of each one of us.

Everyone can participate in making a difference

in a woman’s life.

You can become actively involved by:

Shopping at one of our Resale Shops
Donating gently used items
Providing a cash donation
Becoming more informed by signing up for our newsletter


Donating to WIN

WIN accepts donations of a variety of gently-used items such as clothing

(for women, men, and children), accessories, jewelry, books, linens, toys, furniture,

and household items.

More Info…

Part of the Solution!

WIN is committed to re-using, reducing and recycling in everything that we do.
Read More…

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