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Gowlland Tod Park: Emma Dickson trail up to Jocelyn Hill by Nicole Wilford

Monday, 15 April 2013

Gowlland Tod Park: Emma Dickson trail up to Jocelyn Hill
This is one of my favourite hikes.
It’s a little difficult to know where this hike starts as it is not clearly
marked on the road.
Maybe this is one of the reasons it is one of my favourite’s?
BC parks website offers some great information on this park as well as park maps.
Here is the one that shows you where the Emma Dickson trail starts:
The hike usually takes us about 1 1/2 roundtrip. 
The trail starts heading up right away so there is no real warming up time.
This may be a factor if you don’t hike much.
The first part of the trail is through moss covered ground and beautiful trees.
Once you get onto the main trail, called The Ridge trail, it is more of an up and
down trail with more of an emphasis of up.
I would say it is a moderate hike.
Oh by the way, my group that hike’s with me say they don’t beleive me anymore
when I tell them it is not difficult.
So take that into account if you are wondering how difficult it is.
I figure you can always stop along the way, take break’s and enjoy the view 🙂
There are some great lookout points on this trail if it is a sunny day.
I have been lucky and most of the times I have done this hike, it has been
fairly decent weather.
This past Saturday, the rain and wind in Victoria made most of us in our group
think it was going to be a nasty day up there.
We even had a bailer or two. However, the weather cleared and we ended
up with beautiful sunshine!
Here is a view that I never tire of.
The view is from The Ridge trail looking down Finlayson Arm.
What a beauty heh?

This is from The Ridge trail looking down the other way.

Here are a few photo’s from not-such a sunny day…

although the fog was starting to clear here.

A wee bit different view in the falI love the different colours of the moss & trees

Even when it is foggy, it is still so beautiful.

However, I was so happy to have the sunshine come out last week.

When I bring new people to this place and I get to experience their reaction to

such a wonderful view, it is just so enjoyable
There are many trails 

in Gowlland Tod Park and I highly recommend all of them.

Here is some general information from the BC Parks website

on Gowlland Tod: “Gowlland Tod protects a significant

part of the Gowlland Range, one of the last  remaining natural areas

in Greater Victoria, and a significant portion of the  natural shoreline and

uplands of Tod Inlet.

The Gowlland Range is a particularly  rich area of biodiversity, with more

than 150 individualanimal and plant  species identified. The protected area

preserves a rare, dry coastal Douglas fir habitat that features grassy meadows

 rocky knolls and old-growth forest.

The Gowlland Range towers 430 metres over Finlayson Arm, a unique fjord that 

only replenishes its  marine waters once a year. Species that are rare elsewhere

  in the world flourish in this isolated and stable habitat.

The abundance of  marine activity attracts scuba divers from around the world,

as well as boaters  seeking the calm waters and sheltered anchorage of Tod Inlet.”
So what hike shall we do next?

Hmmm, there are so many to choose from but I think I might just find a brand

new one to us all.
Till next time,
Nicole Wilford ~ WildVanIsle Blogger


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