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A pretty seaside community located in a narrow
inlet  and surrounded by smooth, pebbled beaches,
 Maple Bay  is one of the finest natural harbours on
 the West Coast,  and bustles with marine activity
 all year round.
The sheltered haven of Maple Bay is situated halfway
 up Sansum Narrows, and separates Vancouver Island
 from Saltspring Island, the largest and nearest of the
 southern Gulf Islands.
Location: Maple Bay is located in the Cowichan Valley
of southern Vancouver Island, only 10 minutes
 from Duncan
For panoramic views of Maple Bay and beyond, take
to the trails in Maple Mountain Centennial Park.
 The park offers a wide range of trails for walkers and
 hikers, and range from 70 to 140 minutes.
 The Green Trail is easiest, the Orange Trail has a
somewhat steep and rocky first half but then becomes
 an easy walk, and the Blue Trail has the best views but
 is very steep for much of the hike.
The Pink Trail has the greatest elevation changes and
 is therefore the most demanding of the hikes.
Diving in the protected narrow inlet of Maple Bay is
so good and so close to shore that the late Jacques
 Costeau considered it one of his favourite diving
 spots in the world!
A playground of sea activities, Maple Bay offers a
 snug haven for boaters and kayakers, and a great beach
 with clean changing rooms for swimmers – providing
 breathtaking scenery for all.
The natural beach is wonderful for collecting shells and
 driftwood, and for exploring sealife.
South of Maple Bay toward the tiny village of Genoa Bay,
 the 536-metre Mount Tzuhalem has hiking and biking
trails for all ages and levels of ability, including
 wonderful wildflowers and spectacular views.
Sansum Narrows and Maple Bay are excellent places
 to fish for salmon, sea bass, and cod.
 The better spots are Arbutus Point and Octupus Point,
 and Maxwell Point and Bold Bluff Point off
Saltspring Island.
Quamichan Lake just 3 km west of Maple Bay offers
year-round fishing.
Access to this popular lake is off Maple Bay Road, via
 Trunk Road to Indian Road.
The Maple Bay Yacht Club in protected Bird’s Eye
 Cove, offers protected moorage with excellent facilities
 and a licensed lounge in a friendly rural setting.
 The yacht club enjoys reciprocal privileges with most
 yacht clubs of the Pacific North West.
Maple Bay Marina, in Bird’s Eye Cove at the extreme
 south end of Maple Bay, features a full chandlery,
 a restaurant and a pub.
 Over the past decade, Maple Bay Marina has
 established a well-deserved reputation for providing
 excellent service, value, and friendly atmosphere
second to none.
Crofton Beach in Osborne Bay Regional Park, between
 Maple Bay and nearby Crofton, offers warm saltwater
 swimming to pass the time between bouts of picnicking.
 Follow the signs to Crofton and you’ll find the beach.
Golf: Golfers have a few golf courses in the area to
 choose from; Cowichan Golf and Country Club in
 Duncan (20 minutes from Crofton), Duncan Meadows
Golf Course (15 minutes from Crofton), Mount
 Brenton Golf Course in Chemainus (10 minutes from
 Crofton), and Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in nearby
 Cobble Hill. Golf Vacations on Vancouver Island.
Needless to say, boats and boating are a big part of
 life around here.
 In May, owners and fans of classic wooden boats
 gather for Maple Bay’s annual Wooden Boat Festival,
 and two months later, devotees of the Chris Craft
 brand of boats arrive en mass for the Chris Craft


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