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Yoho National park on the border of B.C and Alberta is home to Waterfalls, Glacial lakes, snow-topped mountain peaks,roaring rivers deep silet forests and spiral tunnels inside the mountains


Yoho National Park on the British Columbia/

Alberta border is home to waterfalls, glacial lakes,

snow-topped mountain peaks, roaring rivers, deep silent

 forests, and spiral tunnels inside the mountains.

Through erosion, nature has carved some of the most

 dramatic landscapes in the country.


 See the natural rock bridge spanning the Kicking

 Horse River, and visit the Kicking Horse Pass

National  Historic Site.

 See the Hoodoos, immense boulders balanced atop tall

pillars of glacial till.


By the time Hwy 1 reaches the park’s headquarters in

 Field, a distance of about 18.5 miles (30 km), the tone

of the landscape shifts to one of glaciated Rocky

 Mountain peaks.


 The east gate of the park is at the British Columbia-

Alberta  border on the Continental Divide.


Total distance between the two gates is about

30 miles.

 About 1.5 miles (2.5 km) west of Field, Emerald

Lake Road leads north from Hwy 1 to the parking

 lot beside Emerald Lake, the largest lake in Yoho

National Park.


Yoho National Park is open year round.


All major travel routes are maintained throughout

 the year,


 although temporary closures may come into effect

 in the event of adverse weather conditions.


 The peak season in the park is during July and August.

If you are planning a trip to Yoho National Park

during these months, be sure to book your

accommodation in advance.


 The Parks Canada administration office in Field is

 open year-round, except holidays, from Monday to

Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.


Yoho National Park has campsites that range from

vehicle/tent sites to walk-in wilderness campsites.


 Kicking Horse Campground, located 3 miles (5 km)

 west of Field and handy to hiking trails and the

Takakkaw  Falls, could be considered the main site,

with  its playground, amphitheatre, and nearby

 grocery store.

Open from May to October; amenities are the same as

Hoodoo Creek campground with the addition of hot

 showers, a wheelchair accessible washroom with


 In July and August plan to arrive early as the

campground  is usually full before noon.


 Effective immediately, all users of the Kicking Horse

 Campground are required to boil their drinking



Monarch Campground is situated within walking

distance  of Kicking Horse campground.


 Open from mid May 1 to September 5, Monarch

offers a different camping experience.


 The 46 sites are located in a big meadow.


 Well water with pump, pump out toilets, shelter,

recycle shed, food storage, a smoke-free area.

Hoodoo Creek Campground is in a heavily wooded

 area and is near several trailheads.


It’s 15 miles (23 km) west of Field.


Open from mid July to mid September, services

include flush toilets, piped hot and cold water,

kitchen shelters, fire rings and firewood, playground,

campfire interpretive program, walking trails,

recycling bins, food storage, sanitation station.


Takakkaw Falls Campground is about 10 miles

 (16 km) up the Yoho Valley Road from Field.

 This site has a great view of the 2,211-foot (675-m)

 falls and affords access to many of the trails in the

Yoho Valley.


 Open from mid June 23 to September 29, please

note road closed October 1.


 The campground is a tent walk-in campground

 only but a cart is provided for moving gear.


 Vehicles towing another unit cannot make it up the

 switchbacks on the Yoho Valley road to Takakkaw



There is an unbeatable view from most of the 35 sites.

 Well water with pump, pump out toilets, kitchen

shelter with stove, fire rings and firewood, recycle

shed, food storage.


Backcountry Camping

Yoho operates 6 backcountry campgrounds, 4 in the

Yoho Valley and 2 in the Ottertail Valley.


 Park staff at the Field Information Centre are

available to help you plan your backcountry trip

Campgrounds tomorrw



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