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Moose Valley Provincial Park is located west of 100 Mile House,

 and consists of 12 small lakes, formed when large chunks

 of buried glacial ice melted after the last ice age.

 This also accounts for the numerous rocky areas found

 throughout the park.



For those who would like to camp in a quiet, unspoiled setting,

 there are 3 campsites at Marks Lake.


Facilities include fire pits, pit toilet and canoe launch.


 All campsits are on a first-come, first-served basis; no reservations.


There are no pay phones at this park and the closest store is in

 100 Mile House.


 The campsites are open year round if accessible.


The park is a popular getaway spot for locals, especially for those

 wishing to paddle around the chain of 12 small lakes –


 it’s a leisurely two-day round trip.


The main canoe launch at Marks Lake provides parking.


 Maitland and Kirkland Lakes are also accessible by walking trail.


Maitland Lake is the largest lake on the chain, and is very scenic

 with its crystal clear water and abundant loon population.

 A cabin and pit toilet are located at the north end of the lake.


To access the rest of the chain, you will need to return to

Marks Lake.


 From the east end of the lake, continue over three short portages

 and two small lakes known as Crane Lakes to arrive at Kirkland Lake.


 This is one of the larger lakes on the chain, and home to a variety

of birdlife including Bonaparte gulls.

A rocky portage leads to the first of two small Beaverlodge lakes,

which are linked by a narrow waterway through mosses and reeds.


 A similar waterway, locally known as the “African Queen Portage”

 comes out at Long Lake.


 At low water levels, these waterways are impassible, and you

 may need to turn back as there are no alternate dry land portages.

 After Long Lake, with its deep bays and small islands, you can

 make a circuit of Moose, Grebe and Canoe Lakes, in either direction.


 There are rustic campsites located on the shores of Long and

 Canoe Lakes.


These sites can be a good base for your first night out.


The lakes freeze in winter, creating level playgrounds for

 cross-country skiers and snowshoers.


 Check with locals for conditions before heading out.


 Local outfitter offers one to two-day dog sled tours.


The numerous wetlands and small lakes provide excellen

t habitat for deer, moose, waterfowl and amphibians.

Moose Valley Provincial Park is located approximately 19 miles

 (31 km) due west of 100 Mile house, accessed off the Cariboo

 Highway 97.


 Drive west on the Exeter Station Road, which leaves Highway 97

 just north of downtown 100 Mile House, and should be followed

 to the junction with the 1100 Road.


 Continue west on the 1100 Road to the 1117 marker.


Turn right onto the one-lane road and continue in a northwest

direction to the main access point of the canoe route at Marks Lake

 (approximately 5 miles/9 km).

 This road is best suited to four-wheel drive, high clearance vehicles.


Nearby Regions & Towns 


100 Mile House 




Cariboo Highway 97


Lone Butte




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