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Science World is a hands-on science centre in

Vancouver, a favourite family destination offering

 entertaining and educational experiences.

 Science World contains five permanent galleries

 (Eureka, the Sara Stern Search Gallery, KidSpace,

 Our World, Visual Illusions), a Special Exhibitions

 Galleries, the Science Theatre, and the Alcan

 OMNIMAX Theatre, as well as a variety of

Centre Stage Shows.




In Eureka! you’ll explore themes such as water, air,

light, sound, motion and invention.


Experiment with dams, locks, fountains and boats in

the water area.


 Ride the amazing propeller-driven merry-go-round

we call the Vancouver Flyer, and investigate

parachute design.

Whap out a tune on the whapophone, test your skills

as an orchestra conductor, peer down an “infinite”

 hole, and see yourself in infrared.


In Contraption Corner, find out how components

like  gears, electric circuits, levers and wheels come

together to make gizmos and contraptions we use



 Then stretch your knowledge and imagination by

 creating your own invention.


 Watch our visitors experiment with dams, locks,

fountains and boats in the new water area.

Sara Stern Search Gallery

Let your senses explore the natural world in the

 Sara Stern Search Gallery.


Climb inside our giant 800-year-old Western

 Red Cedar.


 Crawl through a real beaver lodge.


 Stroke the thick coat of a grizzly bear.


Spy inside a hive a buzzed with thousands of

 honey bees.


 Sniff out our colony of giant Hissing Cockroaches

 and discover what’s hidden in our 40 Discovery



Then check out our corn snakes, geckos, Australian

 stick insects, Indian stick insects, giant millipedes,

 newts, snails, mealworms, pacific treefrog, and

 dinosaur skull.


Bright colours. Fun exhibits. Big toys.


 That’s KidSpace, an area for 2 to 6 year-olds to

 play with movement and materials.


 They can build a two-story wooden clubhouse.


Roll a ball through a path you made in the



 Make a dam and float boats down a stream at the

 Water Table.


Crawl into the Giant Kaleidoscope to see hundreds

of images of your self. Take a spin in our Flying



 And don’t forget to play with our Giant Building

Blocks and our Loop-de-loop.

Our World

Our World is an exciting exhibition that takes an

 innovative, interactive and fun approach to the

 complex issue of sustainability and how the everyday

 choices we make affect our world.


Through colourful, bright and imaginative exhibitry

 Our World engages your attention while focusing on

the everyday choices that you make and how they

impact our world both immediately and in the


Issues such as transportation, electricity, water

 consumption, garbage/waste disposal, and food

production are explored taking you from awareness

 to action within the context of sustainable living.


Learn the everyday things that you can do to


your social, economic and ecological ‘footprint’,

while teaching your children about responsible


Visual Illusions

First , We Mess with your Mind! When you bring

your brain over to play, you can find out how it

works with optical illusions and topological

puzzles on the first level.


 Seeing is not always believing… and believing is not

always seeing!


 In this mind-numbing showcase of eye-popping

 optical effects, straight lines look curved, black

 and white images look coloured, still pictures move

and your friends will shrink before your eye

 (just use one for it to work!).

Ropes, metal rings and wooden blocks are just some

of our instruments of torture.


 Test your wits against our variety of puzzles for all

levels of skill and patience.


Alcan OMNIMAX Theatre

The Alcan OMNIMAX Theatre features magnificent

 science and nature films on one of the world’s

largest dome screens.

Science Theatre

The high definition Science Theatre shows

spectacularly scenic presentations as well as live

 performing arts shows.


Contact Information Science World 1455 Quebec Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 3Z7Phone: (604) 443-7443

Phone: (604) 443-7440

 BC A Day At A Time

Cheryl Young,REALTOR





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