Posted by: cherylyoung | August 26, 2013

There are always lot of exciting thing to do in Vancouver BC and here is one that everyone should put on their bucket list

The Dirty Apron Cooking School

is Vancouver’s newest and most exciting culinary


Along with regularly scheduled classes, this unique

venue is available for full facility hire, tailored

 hands-on cooking classes and customized dining


A fun alternative to the usual orienteering sessions

or the office outing to the golf course, the Dirty Apron

 is an exciting way to reward, unite and  inspire

 your team.

 From the competitive and challenging to the laid

 back, we offer a variety of experiences tailored to

 your guests; spend an afternoon learning, tasting,

cooking, and of course, having fun!

The Dirty Apron Cooking School Teambuilding

A great way to turn-up the heat and work together

 under pressure!

A cooking challenge with a competitive edge, this

 is designed to get your team thinking and working

as a group.

 Participants are split into teams that will cook

against the clock, trying to out-do their opposing

colleagues by preparing the delicious and

 professionally styled dishes.

This class is a great way to bring new teams together,

 revitalize existing  bonds or just have a cook-off

between friends to decide who the next Iron Chef is!

Hands-on Experience

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get your apron


Get to know your colleagues and clients better as

 chef David Robertson guides you step-by-step

 through the creation of a sumptuous three course


After each course is plated, you and your colleagues

will gather in the communal dining room to sample

 your dish alongside some purposefullychosen wines.

And not to worry, we’ll take care of the dishes!

Demonstration Dine

For a more leisurely paced event sit back, enjoy and

 let us do the hard  work.

Our highly skilled chefs whet your appetite by

 demonstrating and describing the specially selected

dishes before serving them up in our stylish, intimate

dining room.

Imagine your very own chef’s table for the evening

observe the techniques and methods used in the

 creation of your favourite dishes.

 Learn the inner secrets of the professional kitchen

 and observe the art of plating up restaurant style

Special Events

This unique and flexible venue offers endless

possibilities for product launches, press conferences,

presentations, award ceremonies, seminars and


 Located in heart of downtown Vancouver, the

 Dirty Apron guarantees a memorable event for any


Further Information:

To compliment your experience we can also create

 tailor-made gift-packs to include some essential

 ingredients and utensils from our cook shop such

as our popular ‘Dirty Apron’ apron, for your guests

 to remember their experience.

Included in all our events are our specially selected

 house wines.

 We can also arrange for bespoke wine-pairing

 seminars to accompany your cooking experience.

For further information about available, package

 options and pricing please contact:

Molly Hawkins e: f: 604 629 5844 t: +1 604 879 8588 c: +1 778 323 2867


is brought by Cheryl Young, REALTOR

VICTORIA BC. cbythesea@shaw


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