Posted by: cherylyoung | September 10, 2013

Please vote for Sidney by the Sea

Beacon Avenue

Sidney, BC

to vote clink on this link

Beacon Avenue in Sidney is an ideal place for shopping. The pedestrian-friendly street has a variety of retail shops, antique stores, art galleries, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, book stores and more. One-hour street parking on Beacon Avenue is free. Every Thursday night, the street is closed to vehicles for a family-friendly Street Market.


The street encourages people to park and walk the full length, as there are a variety of unique businesses to visit. The outdoor benches along the way welcome people to rest and enjoy their surroundings, often creating a place to meet new friends and bump in to old ones. The street has a quaint 1960’s seaside feel, fused with modern day society, with something for everyone. There is a sense of pride in caring for the colourful flower baskets, clean streets and safe roads, which encourage people proud to shop and enjoy a leisurely look around.


Beacon Avenue has been a part of Sidney’s history since the town site was established in the late 1800’s. So much history is alive and well on Beacon Avenue, which is essentially the ‘HUB’ of Sidney. Many generations have grown up in the seaside town of approximately 12,000 people, each taking their turns of driving down the avenue… oh, the vehicles that compact road has seen. Throughout the years, it has weathered many changes, and has now stabilized in to a thriving, energetic and enticing retreat. The romance of Beacon Avenue makes its way in to everyone’s heart.

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