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Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) is a proud member of Volunteer Canada, Vancouver and Calgary


PADS exists to help individuals facing the challenges

 of a physical disability (other than blindness), by

raising, training and placing life changing assistance


We support these successfully matched teams

throughout their working lives.

PADS trains 3 types of assistance dogs:

Service Dogs for people with physical disabilities,

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf or hard of hearing and

Facility/Therapy Dogs for therapeutic placements in

long term care, group homes, hospitals and schools

or Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) settings.

In addition to the critical skills/services the dogs

provide on a daily basis, they also provide a sense of

security and act as a social icebreaker to those who

 may otherwise feel marginalized by their disability.

In addition to it’s fully certified assistance dogs, PADS

 places VIP (Very Important Pets) with children with

disabilities, these special dogs provide a loving

companion for children struggling with disability or

illness and are furry and friendly social icebreaker.

The PADS Campus is comprised of 5 buildings located

in central Burnaby, thanks to the City of Burnaby

(who support our work by providing an attractive

 long term lease arrangement).

PADS currently employs 12 full and part-time

staff, has 70 dogs in various stages of training and

boasts over 250 members / volunteers.

In addition to our Burnaby Campus we run a

 puppy-raising and volunteer program in Calgary, AB

(with one staff member).

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) became a

registered charity under the Societies Act February 13,


PADS is proud to be a member of Volunteer Canada,

Volunteer Vancouver and Volunteer Calgary.

Our Dogs

 PADS dogs change lives.

They are more than beautiful, healthy companions;

they are specially trained to aid people.

Some of our clients have physical disabilities or are

Deaf or hard of hearing.

Some dogs are placed in therapy settings with

professional caregivers who work or volunteer in

long term care facilities, group homes, rehabilitation

centres and private practice.

Many people are aware of the need for guide dogs for

people who are blind, but do not realize the need for

assistance dogs for people with other disabilities.

According to Statistics Canada, there are

approximately 240,325 mobility impaired, 241,300

agility impaired and 170,985 hearing impaired people

in BC alone, and this is only a part of the population

that PADS strives to serve.


‘Assistance dog’ is a broad term that refers to any dog

trained to assist someone with a disability in their day

to day life.

There are several sub-categories of assistance dogs.

At PADS, we train Hearing Dogs (sometimes called

 signal dogs), Service Dogs and Facility Therapy Dogs.

We also place some of our dogs that aren’t suitable as

assistance dogs as VIP dogs with children or adults

who want a companion that has a stable temperament.

Home » Help Give a Dog

Help Give a Dog

Your time and support enables us to raise, train and

place more amazing dogs than ever before!

Here are 5 easy ways you can help give a dog…

Make a Donation

Whether you are an individual, business or

foundation  you can trust that your donations will

be well stewarded.

You can also give donations in kind, for some of our

 current needs check out our wishlist.

Raise a Dog

Bring an adorable puppy into your life for 12

months and teach it that the human world is a

friendly and safe place.

Give your Time

We can use your time and skills to help promote

PADS, care for our wonderful dogs or maintain our


Become a Member

Your commitment and involvement shapes the

 future of our organization.


By purchasing PADS merchandise you support our

 programs – by giving a jacket or calendar you are also

giving the gift of independence.


© Copyright 2010 Pacific Assistance Dog Society ·

9048 Stormont Ave, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4G6

Registered Charity #: 89225 2347 RR0001

Contact Us · FAQ · Forms

To see more about these wonderful dogs go


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