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A Shining Push Cheryl Young

A shining push [Cheryl Young]

 Unlimited Women

Cheryl Young

Cheryl Young has built an empire out of helping people.

In the small town up Island, some may know Cheryl better as the woman who launched the Sidney Meet Up Network of Women in Business. But those who know her through her real estate career and lifetime of community projects know that Cheryl’s passions align all three together.

Though Cheryl has always held a deep love for real estate and helping people, she knew something was missing and, quite by accident, discovered what it was one night when she and a friend hosted a small trade show in Sidney.

“When the evening was over and we were walking home, I said to my friend, ‘You know a lot of these women have very viable products and businesses but they don’t seem to know how to grow their business,’” Cheryl says.

Thus blossomed the Sidney Meet Up group, where Cheryl brought together women all over the Saanich Peninsula to help empower each other.

Cheryl, who was born in Noranda, Quebec in 1944, has been an empowered woman for a while now. After working as a server and bartender for 10 years in Toronto, she decided to go back to school at age 29 and enrolled in marketing and advertising at Ryerson Polytechnical. She graduated at the top of her class and shot straight into a career of public relations, where she met her husband in the same profession.

A couple decades later, Cheryl started up her own business, Cheryl Christina Corp., and for the next 10 years travelled all over North America giving presentations to help realtors improve their businesses. It was in 2006 that she moved to Vancouver Island and took up real estate in Sidney, then the meet-up focus.

“It came to me that, with over half a century of experience, I could surely help these ladies,” Cheryl says. “I may not always know what they should do, but from countless mistakes in the past I definitely knew what not to do.”

Cheryl began putting together workshops in social networking, presentations, elevator speech, creative writing and more. She hired local experts, then combined fun and fundraisers to aid various causes from an art auction at the Shaw Ocean Discover Centre, to a summer market at Woodwynn Farms and a fashion show at the Muse Winery – though all this just skims the surface of her service.

“I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like I spent the first part of my life taking and taking, so I would like to spend the last part giving back,” Cheryl says. “For me, at this stage, the greatest high I can get is doing something for someone else and not expecting anything in return.”

Cheryl does have some free advice to offer ladies who want to start changing their lives.

“When you first wake up in the morning ask yourself,  ‘What nice thing can I do for someone today?’” she suggests.

That generosity becomes two-fold, Cheryl says, as she believes low self-esteem is the worst enemy all women face. She takes it as a personal vendetta to boost the egos of those women around her and teach them one important lesson.

“We are all kind, beautiful creatures,” Cheryl says. “And smart beyond our wildest dream. We can all shine if just given that little push.”

To join forces with the Sidney Meet Up Network of Women in Business, visit or call 250-516-7653.


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