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If photograply is your hobby, take your camera and head to the “FROSTY Mountain’

The larch meadows are on the way up to Frosty

Mountain, in Manning Provincial Park, BC, 2.5 hr

 drive east of Vancouver.

Return hike to the larches meadows is approx 5

hours (800 m up, 16 kms return), to Frosty Mtn

peak is 7 hrs (1150 m up, 20 kms return)

Larches are deciduous conifers.


As their needles are not waxed, they turn gold in

 the fall, just like leafy trees.


They grow only at approx 2000 m elevation, and

are very old.

They are generally found in the Rocky Mountains

 and Manning PP in south western BC is their

 farthest point west.


Some are estimated to be 2000 years old.


Early fall is the best time to see them.

At this time, they look glorious, with their black

trunks and gold colour.


On a clear day with blue skies, they look even



Start at the Lightning Lakes parking lot, N49*

 03.774 W120* 49.562, 1250 m elevation

 ($3 parking fee).


The trail heads out at the east end of the lake.


 It’s well marked and well groomed.


 It’s 8 kms and 800 m up to the larches meadow,

but only of moderate difficulty because of the

good condition of the trail.

At approx 6.5 kms, you’ll come to the Frosty Creek

Wilderness camp site, 1900 m elev, N49* 01.865

W120* 49.806, complete with camping sites, an

outhouse and a cabin (you probably want to avoid

going into the cabin. I would fear deer mites).


At this time of year, the snow starts just beyond

the camp site.

However, on Oct 8, 2005, the snow was just a

sprinkling on the surface and there was no problem

 walking in hiking boots.

The larch meadow is at approx 2050 m elevation.


The summit of Frosty Mtn is at 2410 m, and on a

clear dry day, can be reached approx 1 hr after

 the larch meadows.


It is a treacherous hike up, so unless properly

equipped and experienced, don’t attempt this if

there is snow on the ground.

Also, on the way up to the summit, you can meet

the trail up from Windy Joe.


 If you have 2 cars available, you can do a circuit hike


Note: Please also see the other posting in called “

 Mount Frosty ” on trailpeak, with pictures,

comments, and, an alternate description.

For more about this post and others

along with video go to




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