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Trek your way from tree to tree on bridges, nets and ziplines!

Experience BC adventure in the treetops of

Monashee mountains.

Fly through the treetops on zip lines, scramble

up nets, cross suspension bridges & swinging logs

or slide from tree to tree on a skateboard.


Skytrek offers a Kid’s Tree Adventure Course &

Youth/Adult Course with 3 different ropes courses

 that vary in height, length & difficulty.

Join us with your friends, group or club or for a

 fantastic birthday adventure.


Experience our NEW additions – an Adventure

Tower with a Climbing Wall, Sky Swing, Sky Drop,

Log Climb, Net Climb and Kid’s Jungle Gym.


 Memories to last a lifetime


What is a High Ropes Challenge Course attraction?


A High Ropes Challenge Course attraction is an

exciting outdoor adventure activity in which

participants test their physical and mental strength,

 stamina, agility, balance and flexibility.

A Ropes Course attraction is built using arborist

approved trees and constructed with

environmentally sensitive methods that do not

 harm the trees.

Participants climb from tree to tree on ladders,

 scramble up nets, over suspended bridges and

swinging logs, fly down zip lines or even slide from

tree to tree on skateboards.

Courses vary in height and difficulty.

Check out our photo gallery!

Who is a High Ropes Challenge Course for?

For safety reasons, you have to be higher than

140cm (4ft7″ or 55.12″) to jump on the High Ropes



But for the younger (or shorter!) adventurers check

 our Kids Tree Adventure and Kids Jungle Gym


Starts with a safety training session, and the

 admission gets you through the training session,

and once through the green, blue and black



 The program ranges from 2-12m (6,5-40 feet) off

the ground.


1) Safety Training

Experienced guides will teach you about your

equipment and how to keep yourself secure

throughout the course.


2) Green Course

Low elevation, entry level games and activities

After the safety training, everyone will start on the

Green Course.


This is the lowest above the forest floor.


It has entry level games, ziplines and activities.


Trek your way from tree to tree on bridges, nets

and ziplines!

3) Blue Course

Medium elevation, intermediate level games and


After finishing the Green Course, confident

participants can enter the Blue Course.


Higher and slightly more difficult than the Green

Course, has intermediate level games, ziplines,

and activities!


4) Black Course

Highest elevation, challenging games and activities

After completing the Green and Blue Courses, you

can enter the Highest and Hardest Black Course!


It offers the highest elevation, challenging games

 and activities.


You may even be seen skateboarding from tree to

 tree or flying on a rope swing through the air!

The whole program can take anywhere between



 It is recommended to arrive early in the day to

 have enough time to complete the whole program.


The last customers are usually accepted at 4.00pm.


Please allow yourself adequate time and consider

potential line-ups during peak season.


  What are the Safety Regulations?

SkyTrek Adventure Park provides participants with

 a harness, helmet and all necessary safety equipment.


Our experienced guides will demonstrate and teach

you how to use the equipment and to participate in

 the ropes course safely and successfully.


Patrons will be given the attraction adventure

 demonstration on how to go through each section

of the course by SkyTrek guides.


Attraction participants must demonstrate full

understanding of training prior to attempting the

adventure courses.

Our professionally trained staff provide all the

 necessary training to ensure participants will safely

manipulate the heart-pumping, adrenaline filled

rush of a lifetime.


From strapping on your helmet to tying your shoes,

 trekkers feel safe, comfortable and secure

 throughout their SkyTrek adventure.

Participants are required to complete a Release

 of Liability form before participating in our



The Release of Liability for participants under 16

years of age must be signed by a Parent or Guardian.


Each participant begins on the green course and

personally decides how far and how high he/she

would like to trek and zip. 




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