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Bare It All On Wreck Beach.bathing suites are not considered the main accessory


By Daniel Wood

To some this is Sodom and Gomorrah: to others, it’s the Garden of Eden.

One thing is certain.  Wreck Beach, northeast of Vancouver’s Point Grey

headland, is a symbol of all that is hedonistic, eccentric, and

nature-loving in Lotusland.

The famous beach is British Columbia’s leading “unofficial” tourist

attraction .

Each summer tens of thousand of  nudists descend on Wreck Beach

for an exhibiton of skin unequalled in North America.

It began in the early 1970’s as a hippie/anarchist enclave where

long haired drummers and naked dancers improvised and vendors

shouted “Choclate Shroooms” and “happy cookies”

In recent years, it has morphed into a less bohemian place where

all ages and body shapes recline against beach logs to soak up the sun,

and vendors require licences to sell food, drink, apparel, massages a

nd Tarot readings.

While authorities once tried to stop the mass nudism, tody, police are

unperturbed by the naked assembly (though happy cookies are still

a no-no)  tourists may sometimes gawk at the display of tanned flesh.

But Wreck Beach has attained a sort of mythic status, unassailable as

an icon of maverick West Coat freedom

Info: (

Don’t Miss

Wreck Beach Day with sandcastles and nude games

Butoh dancers’ nude beach Performance in July

250.000 Annual number of people using Wreck Beach




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  1. Have you been there Cheryl? Or are you planning on going in your future???

    • Well Barbara I think those days are behind me….I wouldn’t want to scare anyone

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