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Antique Pine Canadiana and other antiques at Bus Stop on Beacon

 More Antiques and they are all on display on Upstairs on Beacon in Bus Stop on Beacon.  Come on in to see them and get a brief description

How would you like to own an antique butcher block once owned by Toller Cranston



Toller Cranston Biography Toller Cranston was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1949 and grew up in Kirkland Lake. He is truly a modern day Renaissance man: an Olympic medalist, Member of the Order of Canada, three-time world figure-skating champion, Canadian Athlete of the Year, Internationally recognized painter, illustrator, author, designer, choreographer, and sports commentator. Widely acclaimed as the most influential skater in the 20th century, who revolutionized men’s figure- skating. He introduced artistry and freedom of movement on the ice and took figure skating to new heights. Cranston has been painting for almost as long as he has been skating; his skating and his art have always had the ability to feed each other. As an artist, Cranston is highly respected by his peers and has exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries throughout the world. He is represented on Ottawa, Ontario by Koyman Galleries and Terence Robert Gallery. Cranston now splits his time between his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and his loft in Toronto. – See more at:







About Antique Rocking Chair

The rocking chair has long been a staple of Canadian domesticity and one of our most beloved symbols of advancing age. Many such creations were built in the last century, when putting runners or rockers on an otherwise uncomfortable perch represented the height of seating technology.
Today the chairs remain lasting testaments to the Canadian  culture of leisure that first found its origins over a hundred years ago.
Antique rocking chairs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from the most basic wooden versions through truly decadent creations in hardwood, ivory and gold leaf.
Many of these boasted precursors to the modern upholstery trend of combining foam and batting, creating seating surfaces that were as inviting as they were attractive. Rocking chairs from the old days were widely considered some of the finest examples of Canadian  furniture design.
Innovative design houses and architects all got into the market with creations of their own, and many stretched existing forms in new directions with swooping armrests, canted surfaces and the kind of detailed edging that made any seat a throne.
If you have been looking for better resources on these popular items, you may want to check for collectors’ groups online.
Today a vibrant trade has cropped up that combines the best of history, function and materials, and avid collectors believe there has never been a better time to find affordable, timeless examples of the breed.


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