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Mossers Mini Sifters Mini Clear Snifters (Antique luxury Case)

Mini Sifters Mini Clear Snifter, Six (Luxury Case)BYC—90600-3-00 US$410.00  


Asking   $210.00 Cdn


The mini snifters are a diminutive variation of the Giant Snifters which were designed by František Chocholatý in 1958 and were awarded the Grand Prix at the 1958 World Expo in Brussels.



The set was originally created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Moser glassworks’ foundation. The artist classified humanity into six different types and created 6 unique snifters that vary by volume, height and shape to reflect these types. He called them Slim Lady, Long Fellow, Long Face, Stout Gentleman, Moon Face and Big Bertha

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Detailed history of Moser glassworks and Moser crystal in dates

1857 Beginning of the Moser glassworks history. Glass engraver Ludwig Moser (1833-1916) founds an engraving shop and glass store in Karlovy Vary.
1873 Successful participation at the World Exhibition in Vienna. The exhibited glass, namely engraved glass, awarded the Medal for Merit.Ludwig Moser appointed the exclusive supplier to Franz Joseph I, The Emperor. The company is represented in New York, London, Paris and St. Petersburg.
1879 Bronze medal at the World Exhibition in Paris.
1889 Bronze medal at the World Exhibition in Paris.
1892 Building up his new glassworks in Dvory at Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
1893 The company registered as Glasfabrik Ludwig Moser & Söhne, Dvory at Karlovy Vary.
1893 Participation at the World Exhibition in Chicago, bronze medal.
1900 Silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. The glass exhibited there was crystal and coloured glass, and engraved coloured glass with floral engraving, ”Karlsbader Sezession” – vases with colour stick-on decor introduced as a specialty.
1901 Title of exclusive supplier to the Persian Shah awarded.
1908 Awarded the title of exclusive supplier to King Edward VII.
1909-1910 Beginning of production of colour cut glass and glass decorated with bitten and gilded “oro-plastic” Moser decor.
1916 Ludwig Moser, the company founder, dies (27/09/1916), his son Leo Moser becomes technical and art director of the company.
1922 The Meyr’s Neffe glassworks in Adolfov near Vimperk is bought.The name of the company becomes ”Works of Karlovy Vary for crystal glass, joint stock company Ludwig Moser & sons and Meyer nephew”.The glassworks is the biggest manufacturer of luxurious drinking and decorative crystal glass in Czechoslovakia. It has its own sales galleries in the spa towns of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně and from 1925 also in Prague.Representations in Berlin, Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Madrid, Stockholm, New York and Buenos Aires.
1923 Drinking set called Pope consisting of 214 pieces given to Pius XI, the Pope, at the Vatican.
1925 At the International Exhibition of Decorative Art in Paris, the glassworks honoured with gold medal. Drinking crystal collections according to designs by architect Rudolph Wels was exhibited, ground crystal vases according to designs by Lotte Moser and students of the Arts and Crafts School in Prague.
1929 Beginning of production of glass coloured with precious soils. Coloured glass Alexandrit and Helioliteminami introduced at the trade-fair in Leipzig.
1932 Economic difficulties, sale of the Meyr’s Neffe glassworks, Leo Moser retires from the factory. Eldor glass introduced at the spring trade-fair in Leipzig.
1934 Sale of the glassworks to the Bohemian Unionbank. Moser family members leave the factory.
1935 Participation at the World Exhibition in Brussels – honoured with the Grand Prix award. Functional-shaped ground glass prevails in the production range.
1939 The glassworks are nationalized by the German state.
1941 The name of the company becomes ”Staatliche Glasmanufaktur Karlsbad Aktiengesellschaft”. It is administratively included under ”Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur” in Berlin.
1945 The glassworks are nationalized by the Czechoslovakian Republic. They become the State Glass Industry, former “Ludwig Moser & Sons, Dvory at Karlovy Vary”.
1947 Drinking set Splendid given as wedding present to Princess Elisabeth.
1957 Participation at XI Trienale in Milan.Establishment of the Giant Snifters Club.
1958 Moser crystal glass is a part of the Czechoslovak stand at the World EXPO 1958 in Brussels.For the exhibited collection, the glassworks is honoured with the Grand Prix award.
1959 Participation at the international exhibition of modern glass in Corning, USA.
1967 Participation at the International Exhibition in Milan.
1991 Moser joint stock company established.
1992 Symposium of engraved glass with international attendance.
1993 Moser dissolves organization of its exports through company Skloexport (Glassexport), and restores direct contacts with foreign clients.
1996 Moser sales gallery opened in Karlovy Vary, wooden collonade, Tržiště 7.
1997 The Moser glassworks celebrates the 140th anniversary of its establishment. A travelling exhibition is organized on the history and the present day of the glassworks at the following places: Gallery of Art in Karlovy Vary, in the Arts and Crafts Museum in Prague, in Liberec Museum and in the Arts and Crafts Museum in Brno.Symposium of Ground Glass with international attendance (K. Bečvář, D. Eltner, I. Houserová, F. Janák, S. Kostka, J. Mareš, U. Merker, L. Sabattini, J. Šuhájek, F. Vízner, and others).
1998 Exhibition in the Glass Museum in Passau, Germany.
1999 3rd glass symposium with title “Moser and New Designs for the 21st Century“ (K. Doušová, K. Kopřivová, K. Krauzová, R. Krédl, O. Lipa, J. Mareš, A. Polanská, J. Prokeš, J. Šuhájek, J. Voldřichová).Moser becomes an exclusive supplier of glass to Czech embassies all over the world.
2000 Exhibition in Museo del Vidrio de la Real Fábrica de Cristales La Granja, Spain.
2001 New collection of drinking glass ”Millennium” launched on the market.
2002 The Moser company celebrates 145th anniversary of its foundation. The “Peace” vase by Šuhájek Jiří is introduced in a limited series of 145 pieces.
2003 Moser´s first exhibition at the International Fair Maison et Objet in Paris, France.
2004 Introduction of the unique three-coloured relief vases.
2005 Introduction of the artistic vases Angel and Wings designed by Šuhájek Jiří.Introduction of the Moser jewellery.
2007 Moser celebrates 150 anniversary of its foundation and launches its new collection and a fascinating collection of replicas. Design of René Roubíček, Jan Mareš, Ingrid Račková and David Suchopárek etc. The new collection of unique engravings in limited edition of 10 pcs engraved by the best Moser engravers was launched as well.
2008 Opening of a new Moser museum in Dvory, Karlovy Vary.Opening of a new Moser brand sales gallery in the historical center of Prague at Old Town Square in the direction of Celetná Street.Introduction of the collection of René Roubíček (vases and bowls with glued pieces), replica of succesful Brussels bowl, unique candleholder Kore from Karel Bečvář in a bronze and crystal combination, unique 83 cm/32.7 inch high vase Sonata from %link_irds% and many others works of art.
2009 Introduction of the second succesful vases Four Season II from Jiri Suhajek, modern collection from Plesl Rony Cubism or attractive cut vases and bowls from the talented designer Lukáš Jabůrek.
2010 Fresh From Moser collection for modern interior. Plain drinking suites Oeno or Dionys. Attractive design of plain and cut vases from Illo Patrik, Lukas Jaburek and many others.
2011 The most successful cut and gilded glass set Splendid celebrated the 100th anniversary of its creation. A new collection of Splendid accessories was created. The patron of Splendid was Livia Klausová, the then first lady of the Czech Republic.New collections by successful artists were launched at trade fairs in Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Atlanta.Moser Glassworks ceremoniously opened a new Museum of Glass at the Moser sales gallery in Prague on Old Town Square.Moser was admitted into the exclusive French association of luxury brands Comité Colbert.
2012 Moser celebrated 155 years of its existence and the Paula collection celebrated the 110th anniversary of its creation. Its patron was Miroslava Němcová, chairwoman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic.New collections and other crystal works were launched at the prestigious fairs Maison et Objet in Paris, Ambiente in Frankfurt, the New York Tabletop Show or Atlanta’s Gift Mart.Moser Glassworks ceremoniously opened the Moser Art Gallery in the sales gallery in Prague, Old Town Square. The art gallery is a meeting place for artists, exhibitions by renowned designers, presentations, workshops and other forms of artistic discussions.
2013 The Maria Theresia collection celebrated the 100th anniversary of its creation. The patron is Czech soprano Dana Burešová, soloist of the National Theatre in Prague and the winner of the Thalia Award for outstanding stage performance.New collections by successful artists were launched at trade fairs in Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Atlanta.Lukáš Jabůrek, artist and artistic director of Moser Glassworks, won the People’s Choice Award at Czech Grand Design 2012 for designing the vases Pear and Kolorit.Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary built a new Ludwig Moser Square with a crystal fountain, artistic signpost and sculptures “Autumn” and “Winter” at the entrance to the glassworks.



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