Posted by: cherylyoung | February 15, 2015

Sidney Spit, a whole other world on Vancouver Island

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Sidney Island

Sidney spit 55

Sallas Forest

Sallas Forest brings
together a group of people seeking a high-quality residential and recreational
experience in the unique forest and ocean environment of Sidney Island in
British Columbia’s Georgia Strait. It is a community committed to careful,
sustainable management of the forest and wildlife, and to protection of the
island’s rich ecological diversity and aesthetic values. The privacy of
residences, and opportunities to enjoy the natural environment, are enhanced
through a specially-adapted organizational structure, thoughtful planning and
controls, and sensitive stewardship and use of the land and

Sidney Spit 111

The Island

Sidney Island, at the southern end of
the Gulf Islands archipelago, between Vancouver Island and mainland British
Columbia, is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Gulf.” Less than 20
kilometers north of Victoria, roughly on a line to Vancouver, just west of the
U.S. San Juan Island, Sidney Island offers easy access, yet preserves…

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