Posted by: cherylyoung | February 15, 2015

We need your help, to help this unfortunate family..Please Share

On Wednesday February 11th my sister -in-law, Veronica , who lives in 100 Mile House dropped her kids off at school a little after 8:00 am. In less than an hour she received a call from the fire department that her house was fully engulfed in flames. Tragically she lost several pets that could not escape, but luckily there was no human loss. The house was completely destroyed (see pictures attached) and they were left with only the clothes they were wearing that day.

Veronica's house

Veronica is a single mother of a 24 year old son who works in the forest industry in northern BC. She is also a foster mother to 6 children. Her first foster child came to her at 3 months old, the son of a drug and alcohol   addicted mother. He is now 20 years old and living and working in the community. Her second foster child came a couple of years later a baby girl 3-6 months old   from a drug and alcohol   addicted mother who was also a prostitute. This same mother over the next several years had 4 other children two more girls and a set of twin boys. Veronica finding this out made it her mission to bring these siblings all together under one roof so they could be raised as a family. After a lot of fighting with the Ministry she was granted custody of these kids one at a time and over the course of about 10 years she finally had them all. She had to sacrifice a lot just to make this happen let alone dealing with each of them as they went through their own problems of being a child of a drug and alcohol addicted mother.

veronica hpouse.jpg 2

Veronica even found time in her very busy life to study and train to become a volunteer firefighter for 100 Mile District. She also worked as a volunteer for one of the crisis hot lines fielding calls from distressed mothers. While she was there, she also put together crises kits for families in distress – she never, in a million years, thought she would be a recipient of one of these kits!

She is truly a citizen of her community! Some one mentioned “how such a tragic thing could happen to such a good person”!!!

Although she has insurance and it is in the process right now dealing with the claims etc. she has needs right away. If you could give a monetary contribution of any amount you can afford it would be greatly appreciated. An account has been set up for her at Vancity Credit Union. The account is called Veronica Borg Trust Fund account 07250 809 500 840082 Branch # 45. You can drop into any one of your local Vancity branches and deposit directly to her account. You may also send a cheque made payable to Veronica Borg Trust Fund and mail it to me at the address below. Lastly you can send an e-transfer to and it will get deposited into her account.

Mail cheques to:

Funds for Veronica

c/o  Terry Borg

11-1765 Paddock Drive

Coquitlam BC V3E 3J1

We thank you in advance


Joe & Terry Borg

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