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In the 1700’s Canada last activ volcano erupted in B.C

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Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park

Anhluut’ukwsim Laxmihl Angwinga’asanskwhl Nisga’a

Traveling some 70 kilometers north of Terrace along

the newly christened Highway 113 leads you to a

 provincial park unlike any other in all of Canada:

Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park.

Where else can you find emerald green waters, serene

 waterfalls, lush forests, towering snowcapped

mountains, a quiet campground an ocean view

AND an eerily moonlike landscape 10 kilometers long

 and 3 kilometers wide?

In the 1700’s Canada’s last active volcano erupted,

killing approximately 2,000 Nisga’a people.


Today all that remains is the pocked lava plain that

 serves as the headstones of these ancestors.


This park was created in memory of these people, and

in conjunction with the Nisga’a people today.


Not only can you experience all that the park has to

 offer, but you can learn about the nearby native

communities of New Aiyansh…

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