Posted by: cherylyoung | February 18, 2015

While you are in Vancouver you have to visit China Town and here’s why

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 Have you ever tried eating chicken’s feet, or seen a Chinese dragon?


These are a couple of the delights awaiting you at Vancouver’s Chinatown.

 Out of the four Chinatown’s I’ve visited, Vancouver’s

 has the most to do and see.


 With buildings dating back to the mid 1880’s,

it has some of the oldest architecture  found in the city.


 If you go during Chinese New Year, you’ll be sure to see 

 real live Chinese dragon. 


 Nathan loves to see the colourful dragons dancing in the streets.

  Jen, on the other hand, finds the loud banging

 (it does sound like pots and pans)  a bit much,

 and prefers to look in the stores, particularly those selling TOYS.


  She has discovered that she gets more for her dollar in Chinatown

 than anywhere else in Vancouver.


 And if we go on a weekend night…

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