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Day 66 Yes we do have Dolphins In B.C

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Day 66 Yes we do have Dolphins In B.C

Pacific White Sided Dolphins can be often seen on

whale watching tours off Northern Vancouver


Text by Jocie Ingram (knowingnature”at”,

Dolphin Photos by Rolf Hicker

A few years ago, I sailed north from Port Hardy

to Prince Rupert on the Queen of the North

It was a night sailing in November and the evening

was exceptionally clear, with a full moon.

The old teak fixtures in my cabin rattled continuously

making sleep impossible, so I went out for a night

stroll on the deck.

Just then, I noticed several splashes in the water,

breaking up the path of reflected moonlight.

I soon realized that this was a pod of

Pacific white sided dolphins, riding the bow wake

of the ship.

The Dolphins kept up to us with ease and often

leapt clear out of the water just for the…

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