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Today we continue featuring the Gulf Island in B.C

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Cormorant island off the Northeast Coast of Vancouver

Island is the  traditional home of the ‘Namgis

First Nation.

 They used the island as a place to bring their people who had

 passed on, and also lived on the Island on a seasonal basis for

 several  thousand years.


 Cormorant Island boasts the North Island’s oldest community, the

 fishing village of Alert Bay, which was an important trading

 centre for early  residents in the area.

Alert Bay and Cormorant Island have an interesting history.



Captain George Vancouver anchored his vessel, the HMS Discover,

at Xwalkw  (mouth of the ‘Namgis River) in the late 1700s.

 Cormorant Island is  named after the HMS Cormorant, a coastal

paddle sloop operating in the  area in 1846.

Cormorant Island is very small, being only 4 kilometres long and

measuring roughly 1 kilometre in width at the narrowest point of

 the island.

Today, this island fishing…

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