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In B.C we have cougars some are dangerous, and other kind you see dowtown can be just as cunning

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The cougar, the largest wild cat native to British

 Columbia, is an imposing but evasive member of

 our wildlife secretive habits, and sometimes astounding

 predatoryabilities (the cougar is capable of killing a

 600 pound moose or elk), have resulted in a wealth of

 human misconceptions and irrational fears.

 In some instances, “control” programmes responding

to these fears placed severe and unwarranted hunting

pressure upon cougar populations.

Appearance and Distribution

The adult cougar is a large animal: the heaviest recorded

was an Arizona cougar which weighed 276 pounds.

Although there have been several cougar taken in British

 Columbia weighing between 190 and 210 pounds, the

average adult male weighs about 125 pounds and the

 female 100 pounds.

Large adult males may measure 9 feet in length,

 including  a 30-inch tail.

The fur is short and, in British Columbia, ranges in

 colour from reddish-brown to a grey-brown, with

light underparts.

 Very young kittens are…

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