Posted by: cherylyoung | March 6, 2015

In Victoria there is a place that is truly magical and it is called “Butterfly gardens” Come for a visit and be transformed forever

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Join us and explore our Jungle!

Victoria Butterfly Gardens were designed and built specifically to

showcase the life cycle and free flight of tropical butterflies and moths.

 The 12,000 sq ft enclosure is a riot of tropical colour, aroma’s

and personalities.


 Stars of the show are the butterflies themselves – 3000

of them fluttering amongst the flora!

Enjoy up close the stunning beauty and colour of

 exotic butterflies, tropical ducks, flamingos,

other rare tropical birds and Koi swimming

 in the stream and pond.


Experience this living, breathing visual feast and enjoy a voyage

 of discovery, into the life of the inhabitants and the tropical

Wild Arts at Victoria Butterfly Gardens!

Come explore your Wild Side with creative adventures for kids.

 Workshops include a tour of the gardens, interactive personal

 artistic encouragement, all painting supplies, a nutritious

snack and all day access to Victoria Butterfly Gardens following

your class.

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