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Saltspring island B.C, forested wide meadows and beautiful landscapes surrounded by emerald ocean and wonderful vistas.

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Named by officers of the Hudson’s Bay Company for the cold

and briny saltwater springs on the north end of the island,

Saltspring Island is the largest, most populated, and most

visited of the Southern Gulf Islands.

The setting is West Coast Canadian; forested islands, wide meadows

 and  beautiful landscapes surrounded by emerald ocean and

wonderful vistas.

Saltspring has been a seasonal home of the Coast Salish First

Nations since the time of European settlement, and evidence

 suggests that permanent settlements existed for centuries

prior to that, on the south coast of the  island where the Tsawout

Band Reserve is located today.

 The Wsanec people of the Saanich Peninsula and the Cowichan

people from the Cowichan Valley frequented the island’s shores

and harvested  its resources.

The island was explored by the Spanish and British in the 1700s,

 and  Settled  in the 1850s by early pioneers who had abandoned

Their Fraser River gold rush hopes.


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