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What if you could go back hundreds of years when everything was as it should be? You Can!

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Tweedsmuir ProvincialPark encompasses

 an astounding diversity of landscapes and


 Because access, facilities, and activities differ

 from north to south in the park, the park is

 divided into two sections, with the Dean River

 acting as a natural boundary between the north

 and south sections of the park.

Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and Recreation

Area, at over 981,000 hectares is one of British

Columbia’s largest parks.

Most of the northern half of Tweedsmuir Park is

 encircled by the lakes that comprise the

Nechako Reservoir.

Ootsa Lake and Whitesail Lake define the north

 and west boundaries of the park respectively,

 while Eutsuk Lake bisects the park, turning

 northern Tweedsmuir into a huge, unpopulated


Most angling trips in the park begin at

 Ootsa Lake – mountain whitefish, rainbow

 trout, kokanee, and bubot are readily caught

 within the parks waters.

All fish caught in the park must be registered at

 park headquarters on Whitesail Lake.

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