Posted by: cherylyoung | March 20, 2015

A beautiful garden and a love story, only in Victoria BC

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The Abkhazi Garden is an exquisite heritage home and garden located in Victoria, British Columbia, a city well known for its wonderful gardens.

Prince and Princess Abkhazi began creating their garden in 1946.

This was the year they married and settled in Victoria, after living separate lives touched by both privilege and tragedy.

They immediately began to develop their one-acre property, and continued to maintain and improve their wonderful garden throughout their lives together.

The garden is very discreet from the street, with only hints of what exists beyond the hornbeam hedge.

What the visitor does find is a garden that embraces a natural landscape that is unique to Victoria.

The garden is blessed with dramatic glaciated rocky slopes, magnificent native Garry oaks and gorgeous vistas.

The garden is designed to make the most of these remarkable features and it is the Abkhazis’ response to their landscape that qualifies it…

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