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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Behold these exquisite miracles of the Sea

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Marine Mammals of BC: Sea Otters & River Otters

Otters are often seen along the British Columbia coast.


It is a little confusing, though, because the species most often

 seen in these waters is the River Otter (Lutra canadensis).


This species is one of the most common mammals along the

 beaches and rocky shores, but it almost always is found near a

 source of fresh water.


 Normally three pups are born to a female, and they may spend

 two to three months in the den on land before venturing out.


 Groups of River Otters almost always consist of females

and their young.
River Otters catch fish, and eat a lot of crabs and other
 invertebrates along the shore.

 They have been observed drowning a Canada Goose in shallow

water and hauling it away.


The single pup may be born on land…

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