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Fernie B.C. Who would have thought all this beauty in one place

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From its boom town status at the turn of the twentieth century to its r

eputation as the Whiskey Gap during the prohibition era of the

1920s, Fernie has inherited a unique and colourful history.

A town with a strong history of coal mining, Fernie was named

after mining magnate William Fernie who helped develop the

town into the  industry’s  largest centre in the Elk Valley region,

after he hadreported a major coal  discovery in 1897 that led to

the formation of the Crowsnest Pass Coal Company.

The founder of the city met a tribe of Indians during one of his

many prospecting trips.

 Enquiring about the source of the shiny black stones that

adorned a necklace worn by the Indian Chieftain’s daughter,

the Chief agreed to reveal the origin in return for  the

prospector agreeing to marrythe princess.

William Fernie never kept his promise, and refused…

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