Posted by: cherylyoung | March 27, 2015

Vancouver Island marks the return of the Brant Geese

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Brant Geese Migration – The Little Sea Goose

Black Brant. The name is magical, and it carries with it a suggestion of distant places and amazing journeys.
And so it is with this diminutive little goose, which pays an annual visit to British Columbia.

The Black Brant is the western North American subspecies of the Brant, (Branta bernicla).
Black Brant are truly international travellers.
They nest in Arctic coastal lowlands, in Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. Never venturing far from salt water, they migrate south to winter.

Numbers formerly wintered in coastal British Columbia, but it is believed this changed as a result of active market hunting for the Christmas table.
Now, only a few stay in the Haida Gwaii islands, and Boundary Bay on the Lower Mainland, with the vast majority travelling to the coastal lagoons of Western Mexico.

When it is time to move north again to breed…

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