Posted by: cherylyoung | March 29, 2015

If you come to Victoria B.C You’ll get the boot!

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These boots were made for style
Victoria’s venerable Viberg Boots continues transition to fashionable footwear

By Sarah Petrescu, March 14, 2011

For several years now, I’ve walked past one of Victoria’s best-kept fashion secrets nearly every day without a second glance.

Perhaps it was the shop’s giant boot doorstop, the cluster of firefighters or construction workers browsing inside, or the tiny storefront display that threw me.
Luckily, a few fashion-forward men tipped me off to Viberg Boot Company (662 Herald St.) and the buzz it is gaining worldwide.

Viberg has spent 80 years mastering the art of indestructible workboots.
More recently, they’ve capitalized on an Asian fashion market obsessed with hand-crafted heritage brands, so much so it has become half their business.
Now they’re riding a wave of trends in heritage, blue-collar styles in North America and Europe.

“The whole Americana thing was taking off in fashion.
We’re probably…

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