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For a musical concert like no other anywhere in the world, you have to visit Bamfield B.C

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  Bamfield, a tiny resort hamlet nestled quietly in a

 protected inlet on the south shore of Barkley Sound,

 is best known for its superb salmon fishing adventures.

 This tiny fishing and harbour village, heavily populated

 by marine biologists, is a quiet, unassuming village

 where the love of the land and sea prevails.

The Bamfield community, with a population of around

 200, is surrounded by Crown land, Indian Reserves,

 and portions of the Pacific Rim National Park,

ensuring protection of unspoiled marine environments

 from excessive development.

Being part of the Pacific Rim, Bamfield offers a challenge

 for the explorer, nature lover and experienced hiker.

Despite its size, Bamfield boasts a variety of well-equipped

 shops, restaurants, galleries, equipment rentals and

accommodation, and is an enchanting place to

 begin kayaking, canoeing or scuba diving.

Bamfield is divided into two sections, separated by

 about 200 yards of the Bamfield Inlet.

 The west side…

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