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You can never get enough of the parks and beaches on Vancouver Island B.C

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The Broken Group Islands Unit consists of over 100 islands,  islets and rocky outcrops scattered in the centre of Barkley  Sound, between Loudoun Channel and Imperial Eagle Channel.

This unit totals 10,607 hectares, of which only 1,350

 hectares is land.

 The larger of the forested islands are Effingham,

Turret, Turtle, Dudd, Jacques, Nettle and Gibraltar Island.

 The Broken Group is known internationally for

awesome kayaking  and wilderness camping enjoyed by

 organized adventurers seeking escape to the remote

 and desolate islands within the park.

 Natural features of this tranquil group of islands include

 lagoons, sandbars, blowholes, arches and secluded


 Ancient native middens, village fortifications, stone

 fishtraps and archaeological sites stimulate the

imagination of visitors  to this traditional territory

 of the Nuu-chah-nulth people.

 Canoe and kayak access to the Broken Group Islands from

 Bamfield  or Ucluelet is not recommended due to the

 exposed  passages.

 Boaters and ocean paddlers can access the Broken Group

 Islands via Toquart Bay…

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